Woman arrested at gunpoint for abortion in ad from House Democrat Eric Swalwell: ‘Elections have consequences’ (VIDEO)

California Congressman Eric Swalwell offers voters a grim vision of the future if Republicans take control of the House in the midterm elections. This week they released a new digital ad showing a family in shock when they were arrested at gunpoint for a previous abortion.

Swellwell, who has served as the United States Democratic Representative for California’s 15th Congressional District since 2013, kicked off the announcement in “The Read Out” on MSNBC on Monday evening, as Joy Reed explained: “Our post -line presents a potentially frightening result from the future. “

In the ad, a family sits down to dinner, with the eldest daughter openly flirting with her parents nursing their baby. But as the couple kisses, police lights can be seen approaching the house in the background.

When the mother opens the door, the police explain that they are there to arrest her for “illegal termination of pregnancy”. Despite the woman complaining that “this is my personal matter”, the police tell her bluntly, “it is up to the courts to decide”, and her medical records are summoned and her doctor has already been taken into custody. left.

When one of the officers tells Mary that “you will have to take a physical exam” – without revealing who will actually do it – her husband turns to the men for protection, prompting the two officers to draw their guns. he is inspired by it. Family and chaos ensue.

While the baby cries and the eldest daughter covers her ears and hides behind her father, the woman is taken away handcuffed, with the simple explanation: “We are just enforcing the law.” As the action passes, a message appears saying “Elections have consequences”, followed by “Stop Republicans from criminalizing abortion everywhere”.

Explaining the announcement to Reed, Rep Swellwell said that while it may seem like an escalation scenario, it’s a real possibility.

“I wanted to make it clear that no police officer wants to be in this position. And for the officer to say, ‘Ma’am, we’re just doing our job’, this is the horrible situation law enforcement will be in, “he said.” I wish it was an exaggeration, but this MAGA is new. for America. The reality will be if we don’t win the midterms in both the House and the Senate. “

You can see the announcement in the video above.

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