With YouTube TV, you can watch up to four channels at the same time

The Google team is developing a new viewing mode for YouTube TV.

The idea is that you can watch multiple streams at the same time in a tile view. A dynamic that could interest those who love to play sports or follow live events.

YouTube TV allows you to watch multiple streams at the same time

Mosaic mode is the new feature that Google is developing for users who use YouTube TV. This feature allows users to view up to four live streams on the TV screen.

Following a dynamic similar to the mosaic view that we find in some video calling services, this function divides the screen into quadrants so that they have different channels at the same time.

And this is not the only news that we will see in Google services to offer a better experience in viewing content from the TV, as reported in the log. For example, the Google team also wants to optimize YouTube Shorts so that users can watch these videos with a more suitable interface on their TV screens.

So there are some elements of its interface that will fall by the wayside, such as the bar that will allow us to scroll through the shorts. On the other hand, some features will change to fit larger screens, such as the Like or Dislike options.

YouTube Music is also on the list of Google services being updated to optimize their features for TV. For example, new features are added to make it easier for users to use popular features such as: B. adding albums and playlists to their collections.

The Google team hasn’t commented on this, so there aren’t many details on these future updates, but it’s possible they’ll start rolling them out in the coming months.

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