With the NFT Factory, the Web3 settles in Beaubourg for good

With the NFT Factory, Web3 settles permanently in Beaubourg

The NFT Factory is scheduled for March 2022 and was unveiled to the public on Tuesday 18 October in Paris: unique in the world, this place aims to become the standard of the Web3 and crypto ecosystem.

Joy Division and New Order had their factory in Manchester, Andy Warhol had their factory in New York, Web3 had their NFT factory in Paris from 18 October. The nod to musical references is taken up by the 128 founders of the venue, represented on this opening day to the public by Lucie-Eléonore Riveron (general manager and co-founder of the Fauve Paris auction house), John Karp (president of the structure and organizer of the NFC Summit) and Jean-Michel Pailhon (Vice President of Ledger).

NFT factory showroom © Pierre Louis Bertrand

With its black facade and large windows, the NFT factory is reminiscent of a factory and has the good taste of being opposite the Center Pompidou, at 137 rue Saint-Martin. “We didn’t expect to be in front of Beaubourg, we wanted a lot of off-road traffic to attract people,” says John Karp. A location considered by Jean-Michel Pailhon to be “extraordinary from an artistic point of view”, destined to become the nerve center of this new technology, not only in France but in the world. “We have American artists, international artists, Beeple (artist behind a $ 69 million NFT sale, ed.)that comes because now there is room.

Pedagogy and support

Appointed general manager for “its resilient and anti-fragile side, like bitcoin and NFT”, according to Jean-Michel Pailhon, Lucie-Eléonore Riveron has great ambitions for this 400-square-meter venue, spread over three floors, two of which are still open. under construction. Ultimately, these three floors will be classified according to the main objectives of the NFT Factory: “Pedagogy for the general public, through exhibitions and a reception system with workshops (…), B-to-B training, request for large groups as a start -up and finally artist residencies “, explains Lucie-Eléonore Riveron, also announcing the possibility” of supporting young shooters and, subsequently, of an incubator “.

“We want 40 million bags in France”

The NFT Factory also wants to be a space of reconciliation between digital and physical and a meeting place between the actors of the French ecosystem. Its members, holders of a token obtained from the JDN last September 23rd, accesses a privileged space. More generally, the initiative, still unique in the world, responds to the desire of the French web3 and crypto players to anchor the country among the pioneers of the sector. “The goal is not insignificant: there is an industrial challenge. Tomorrow the future giants of Web3 will have to take the place of Gafam. France has a chance to be a pioneer in this universe. We want 40 million stock exchanges in France and massive use of NFT, ”said John Karp, who welcomes Bruno Le Maire’s recent announcements that our colleagues at BFM are moving in the same direction.

With its 128 founders, including a multitude of entrepreneurs, artists, developers or lawyers, and its one thousand members, the NFT Factory will therefore have the mission of “evangelizing” the Philistines to the concept of NFT. A task undoubtedly easier today than in 2014, the year the Maison du Bitcoin was founded, which has since become the two entities Ledger and Coinhouse in a tortuous journey in which “many banks have closed their accounts”, Jean vindictively recalls Jean – Michel Pailhon . Since then, the Web3 and crypto ecosystem has taken on a new image and 137 rue Saint-Martin wants to be the showcase.

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