William pledges to support King Charles

Prince William said he would honor the memory of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, by working to support her father, King Charles.

“My grandmother said pain is the price we pay for love,” she said in a statement.

“All the sadness we will feel in the weeks to come will be a testament to the love we have felt for our extraordinary Queen.

“I will honor his memory by supporting my father, the king, in every possible way.”

Charles, 73, was officially proclaimed Britain’s new monarch in a ceremony early Saturday, having immediately succeeded his mother when the 96-year-old queen died on Thursday.

William, 40, who is now the heir to the throne, said the queen “was by my side in my happiest moments. She and she have been by my side in the saddest days of my life ”.

“I knew this day would come, but it will take some time before the reality of life without a grandmother really feels real.”

On Friday, Charles bestowed on William the title of Prince of Wales, which he had previously held.

William’s wife Kate received the title of Princess of Wales, which was previously held by Charles’s late first wife Diana.

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