“William, I Hope…”: Queen Elizabeth’s Sweet Handwritten Note to Grandson Goes Viral

The note quickly made headlines on social media.

A handwritten note from Queen Elizabeth II to her grandson, the Prince of Wales, reappeared on social media nearly two months after her death. The photo of the letter was shared on Twitter from the “Real Royal Mail” fan account. It was made on Buckingham Palace stationery and was reportedly given to Prince Willian at Christmas along with an Advent calendar.

“’William, I hope you enjoy opening it every day, Grandma’ – a handwritten card from Queen Elizabeth and sent with an advent calendar ostensibly to young #Prince William. It was sent to a former #PrincessDiana it was bought by an employee, “reads the post caption.

Look at the photo below:

The note quickly gained popularity on the Internet. It has collected over 3,700 likes and hundreds of retweets. In the comments section, a user wrote: “Hey, I’ve never seen anything like it! They had an excellent relationship ”. Another said, “It should be returned to Prince William, it’s his. A personal memory of him “.

A third user commented: “It should have been kept as one of William’s personal memories”, while a …

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