Why was Erobb banned on Twitch? The news is out!

Why was Erobb banned on Twitch? Erobb221, a Twitch streamer, has been banned from using the service. According to Erobb on Myth’s YouTube channel, he claims he threatened one of his chatters, which is why this is the case.

Erobb has been a Twitch streamer for a while, entertaining his more than 400k fans with a variety of games and real-world stuff. The younger brother of popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1, Erobb, has developed a very good stream of his own, though that may have been hampered after he was banned from the Amazon-owned platform on Thursday, September 8.

Erobb, who is now participating in the Shitcamp event organized by QTCinderella, had a disastrous stream the night before this ban when a kayak overturned during his stream. Due to Twitch’s policies regarding banned users, he will not be able to participate in other Shitcamp creators’ streams on Twitch for the duration of his suspension as a result of this ban.

Why was Erobb banned on Twitch?

Despite the fact that twitch has not provided Erobb with an official explanation as to why he was banned, he seems certain that it was due to some rude comments he used against one of his chatters.

Why was Erobb banned on Twitch?
Why was Erobb banned on Twitch?

Erobb claims he was in his offline chat when he told a viewer, “Can’t wait to meet you guys at Twitch con, I’m going to beat you up, to which Zoyle replied, “Why would you say that?” in loud laughter.

What Erob mentioned in his Twitch chat was explained in detail by a long discussion on Reddit. Due to the ban, it’s impossible to confirm the legitimacy of any screenshots, but a forum user submitted a snapshot from Erobb’s chat logs that were strikingly similar to what he claimed in the stream.

The man who allegedly threatened Erob is a well-known member of Erob’s neighborhood and goes by the name of Lun. This has in no way been confirmed as an official justification for his exclusion from the platform.

However, Erobb’s alleged actions expressly contravene the Twitch TOS and provide sufficient grounds for a platform ban.

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