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Good food: because the measure is not quite buried

FOOD CONTROL. This Thursday, CAF will pay the inflation bonus. Good food, a more permanent measure, will not be included in the 2023 budget. However, the cabinet is still evaluating this issue.

[Mise à jour du jeudi 15 septembre 2022 à 10h16] Will good food see the light? Earlier in the week, the economy minister expressed doubts. Bruno Le Maire, in fact, estimated that the inflation bonus, paid on September 15, “substantially replaces the food voucher”. “We weren’t able to build an operational device,” confessed Bruno Le Maire. Asked by the AFP, the Ministry of Economy stated that:pursuant to the 2023 finance law, no credit is granted on meal vouchers. However, the provision does not seem buried, at least not in appearance. “We are working on it,” underlined Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture. “It is a fairly complex subject, but we are working on it. It is only when the budget is revised that things start to settle down. “The Minister of Agriculture assured that” the idea will not be rejected. “” The next idea is, what kind of product? What kind of audience? What channel? distribution? Do we go through mass distribution or food banks? ” Marc Fesneau said.

To support household purchasing power, the government abandoned the introduction of a maintenance allowance for the foreseeable future and announced the payment of exceptional food aid in June last year. The payment of this new inflation check will take place on Thursday 15 September. Last June, the Prime Minister had indicated that “we should nevertheless consider the creation of a more sustainable system, to support the most modest and allow them to find fresh and local products. Good food, promised for two years, is an idea that comes from the Citizens’ Climate Convention. The principle of this aid has been placed in the context of the Climate and Resilience Act.

The Ministry of Agriculture has contacted Le Journal du Net and confirmed that an inflation check will be carried out immediately. He insists that at the same time “work has begun and continues, in particular with the Ministry of Solidarity, to establish a sustainable system of food aid for the most humble”. When questioned, Matignon indicates that this work is carried out in particular with “the Ministries of Agriculture, Ecological Transition and Solidarity”.

Who is the meal voucher for?

Food control is financial support intended for families the humblest. It should allow these families to:access to local and quality products. Indeed, two systems should see the light: emergency food aid and long-term food control. The first financial aid, the inflation bonus, concerns 9 million families. To use them you must receive one of the following social benefits: RSA, AAH, ASPA, activity bonus and APL, or be a scholarship student. As for the multiannual food control, nothing has been done for the moment. Various ways have already been mentioned: ceiling of financial resources, composition of the family unit, etc. A consultation must be launched at the beginning of the school year.

What is the amount of the meal voucher?

Food control has not yet been carried out by the government. All terms and conditions regarding the amount of the food voucher have not yet been disclosed. On the other hand, emergency food aid must be provided at the beginning of the school year. The amount is 100 euros per family, plus 50 euros per child.

When is the food voucher paid for? Payment date

The creation of the food voucher was announced in the month of December 2020 during the crown crisis. Emmanuel Macron made this announcement ahead of the Citizens’ Climate Convention. The implementation of the food voucher was debated and then voted in parliament in the month July 2021. Good food was definitely established in the law on climate and resilience. Since the provision in its formulation has not yet been put to the vote of the Parliament, the date of payment of the meal voucher is not yet known. However, the government plans to set it up in 2023.

What about the food aid promised at the start of the school year in September 2022? The date is set for September 15th. The device is included in the Purchasing Power Law, approved by Parliament on 4 August 2022 and approved by the Constitutional Council on 12 August. A decision must specify the practical modalities of application.

Is the food voucher paid monthly?

The exceptional back-to-school support provided in September 2022 will be provided in a single payment. It is not meant to be permanent. As for the food check promised by the executive since the conclusions of the Citizens’ Climate Convention, no details have been disclosed regarding the device.

Who distributes the meal voucher: CAF or CCAS?

The distribution conditions are not yet known. The organization responsible for distributing the food voucher has not yet been announced.

The Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, had suggested the possibility of: entrust the distribution of the meal voucher at the municipal social action centers (CCA). The latter already play a decisive role in the most precarious families. Community social action centers have allowed the government to allow access to food stamps over 5 million beneficiaries. Citizens of the Citizens’ Convention had also mentioned this track. Municipal social action centers provide various types of social benefits to the poorest families, in the form of in-kind or financial aid.

The Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) will probably not be asked to distribute the meal voucher. In fact, the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales does not distribute food aid nationwide. Only certain family allowance funds can be established local food aid programs. It is advisable to contact the nearest fund to find out what food aid is available based on your financial resources and family situation.

As regards the inflation bonus, that is the exceptional aid for returning to school, in particular for food expenses, the modalities of its distribution should be established in a decree to be published.

The terms of the award have not yet been disclosed by the government. Potential beneficiaries cannot take all the necessary measures for the moment as we do not yet know which organization will do so distribute the meal voucher to the poorest families. Furthermore, Emmanuel Macron’s government has not yet revealed the “form” that the maintenance check will take: wire transfer, check or ATM.

As for the emergency alimony allowance, the inflation bonus, there will be n steps required to get it. It is automatically paid to all beneficiaries, or to people who already receive the social minimums.

Where to use the meal voucher?

The methods of using the meal voucher are not yet known. The government plans to work “on a more qualitative food control for access” organic, fresh and local products“, Promised the government spokesperson, Olivia Grégoire, on June 29, 2022. The food voucher should allow beneficiaries to purchase healthy products, defined by the Egalim law, that is, quality fresh products – organic or labeled – with priority on fruit and vegetables . The exact places of use are not yet known.

As for the exceptional help for returning to school, or emergency alimony, it will be deposited directly into the bank account of the beneficiaries, who will thus be able to use it freely.

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