Why Hetherington inked new Broncos deal

Brisbane forward Kobe Hetherington has signed a two-year extension of the NRL and says one of the main reasons is that he likes being coached by Kevin Walters.

The 23-year-old played 22 freshman games in 2022 in an extraordinary season in which he established himself as a regular in the top 17.

Already under contract for next year, his new contract keeps him at the Broncos until the end of 2025.

Son of former Canterbury and Queensland hooker Jason Hetherington, loyalty is a big thing for the block being lifted at Rockhampton and he enjoyed being coached by Walters in his first two seasons in the NRL.

“I signed with the Broncos when I first left school,” Hetherington told AAP.

“Kevvie (Walters) is a really good coach for me and good for all the other guys.

“I feel it’s really affordable. When she seats you, she knows what she is talking about. He is a former great Bronco. I have a lot of respect for him.

“He was the one who made me debut and I felt like I owed him a lot.”

The Broncos were well on their way to qualifying for the NRL Finals until the end of the season, but Hetherington said the top eight were on hand in 2023.

“I am delighted to sign again,” he said.

“The future is very exciting for the Broncos. If most of us young people can be together, I think we can really do a lot.

“We just have to finish the season better than we did this year and then I think we can give it a boost.

“I came with a couple of these guys in the 1920s system. We all know each other and we all get along well and that really helps the club. “

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