Why did Walt poison Brock? What just happened?

Why did Walt poison Brock? In Breaking Bad, Walter White engages in a number of horrific crimes in his quest for power, but poisoning a child to control his partner Jesse Pinkman is perhaps one of the most heinous. Walt was becoming more and more corrupt by this point, but it was still frightening to see how low he would fall.

Walt poisons Brock, the child of Jesse’s lover Andrea, much later in the series than Jesse does. When he does, it serves as further proof that Walt is a toxic individual who would put a child’s life in danger to get his way. Here’s a detailed account of how Walt secretly poisons Brock and what dire consequences it has for Jesse and his personal life.

Who was Brock Cantillo in Breaking Bad?

When Jesse and Andrea first meet on Narcotics Anonymous in the show’s third season, Brock Cantillo is presented to viewers for the first time. Andrea’s 6-year-old son, Brock, befriends Jesse by playing video games and going out.

Thomas, Andrea’s 11-year-old brother, later kills the drug dealer Combo. “Half measures” includes the shooting of Thomas. In Season 4, Jesse tries to help Andrea by placing a significant amount of money in her mailbox so she can leave a dangerous area and start a new life.

She wants to start over by buying a home for herself and Brock. Brock is then rushed to the hospital due to possible poisoning.

Why did Walt poison Brock?

Walter White deliberately poisoned Brock to make Jesse Pinkman think Gus Fring was the one who did it, giving Pinkman the incentive to kill Fring and do White’s evil work again. When Brock suddenly passed out, Andrea called Jesse Pinkman to tell him that Brock needed to be taken to the hospital.

Why did Walt poison Brock?
Why did Walt poison Brock?

Pinkman and Andrea visit Brock in the pediatric intensive care unit before Pinkman decides to smoke outside. He had been given a ricin cigarette earlier that day to use to poison Gus Fring. He rushed to tell his fiancee that Brock might have been poisoned when he went to smoke for himself and noticed that the poisoned cigarette was gone.

Jesse Pinkman initially thinks that Brock may have accidentally swallowed the poisoned cigarette while stealing one of his cigarettes. Then, believing that Walter White is responsible for poisoning the child, Pinkman makes the decision to go to White’s house and kill White.

White vehemently disputes the charges and claims he stands to gain nothing from the death of a child. White starts giggling nervously as he pretends to understand that Pinkman must have been set up to kill the child after noticing that this reasoning does not calm Pinkman down.

This justification manages to calm Jesse Pinkman down enough to decide to focus on eliminating Gus Fring. One of Fring’s boys spots Pinkman waiting at the hospital and tells him to report to the superlab.

Fring decides to let Pinkman stay at the hospital while Brock recovers, realizing how the circumstances could make Pinkman think he poisoned the young man. It was a lily of the valley, despite Pinkman’s fears that the ricin-laced cigarette had poisoned the young man.

Walt poisons Brock to turn Jesse against Gus Fring

Jesse first believes that Walt gave Gus Fring the ricin he intended to give Gus Fring to poison Brock. To separate them, Walt convinces Jesse that Gus is the mastermind behind the poison, effectively turning Jesse against Gus. It’s an evil trick that gets results.

Walt did poison Brock, but not with ricin. He replaced an existing lily of the valley plant in his backyard. The effects of the flower resembled those of the ricin that Jesse believed Brock had consumed.

Vince Gilligan revealed how Walt probably poisoned Brock

Based on a photo of a plant growing in a pot in Walt’s backyard, Breaking Bad viewers are expected to deduce how Brock was poisoned. Gilligan later described the strategy Walt most likely used when he appeared at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, according to Screen Rant.

After the episode, the writers started calling Walt “Evil Juice Box Man” because they believed he put the toxic plant in his juice box when he was at school. Fans never see Walt perform the act, but they are aware that he did.

Jesse stopped trusting Walt after he poisoned Brock

Walt and Jesse’s relationship undergoes various changes over the course of the show’s five seasons. One of the biggest turning points is when Jesse realizes that Walt, not Gus Fring, poisoned Brock.

Jesse loses faith in Walt as a result of his betrayal, which damages their relationship for the rest of the series. But Jesse still has a lot of problems. Later in the series, as a form of retribution for Jesse trying to escape the white racist camp, Todd kills Andrea while Jesse watches from the car.

No one knows where Brock is after his mother is killed. After Brock moves permanently to Alaska in the Breaking Bad spinoff, El Camino, many fans like to speculate that Jesse will one day reconnect with Brock.

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