Why did Elon Musk sink on Twitter Wednesday as the deal neared completion?

Elon Musk is known for his actions and only has until the end of the week to close his deal with Twitter. The Tesla CEO recently went to Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco and took the internet by storm when he walked into Twitter’s headquarters with a sink.

Elon had recently made changes to his Twitter profile and referred to himself as “Chief Twit.” But what caught the attention of followers was his sink video post.

Musk had a controversy with the Twitter acquisition, which also caused him problems when he stepped down. But what was the sink we see in the video?

Elon Musk brings a sink to Twitter headquarters

On October 27, 2022, the CEO tweeted, “Signing into Twitter HQ – Make it clear!” The reason for bringing the sink inside the headquarters is clear, because as we know, Elon had to visit the office to handle his $44 billion offer. acquire Twitter.

The billionaire had gotten into the headquarters quite a bit, but that didn’t suggest anything about whether or not Elon had bought the social media company.

Why Elon Musk went down on Twitter
Why Elon Musk went down on Twitter

An insider revealed that Elon’s visit was related to the discussion of existing internal matters. A court previously ordered Musk to end deals and agreements to buy Twitter with that Friday. 17:00 Easter time.

In fact, Reuters claims that Musk has already sent information to investors about his plan to “finalize the redemption by the Friday deadline“.

According to BloombergTwitter Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland said Musk will visit Twitter headquarters for the sole purpose “meeting people, walking the halls and continuing to dive into the important work you all do. If you’re in SF and see him around, tell him hi!”

Elon tried to run away from his $44 billion merger agreement after spontaneously agreeing to buy the company earlier this year. But Twitter didn’t let him off the hook so easily and sued Musk when he tried to back out of the deal. The court’s ruling also went in favor of social media giant Twitter, and thus Elon was scheduled to be present at the San Francisco headquarters this week

What’s more, Elon even updated his Twitter description as “Chief Twit” and his 110 million followers were immediately informed of the latest update.

So, did Elon Musk finally buy Twitter?

Elon Musk buys Twitter

The richest man in the world is now the official owner of Twitter after acquiring it for $44 billion on October 28, 2022. Top executives of the microblogging platform were fired, including Parag Agarwal.

Additionally, Ned Segal, who is Twitter’s chief financial officer, and Vijaya Gaded, a senior legal and policy executive, are no longer with Twitter as they were also fired. Biz Stone, who co-founded Twitter, thanked executives for their contributions to building Twitter into a successful platform.

After months of legal battle, Elon had no choice but to acquire the firm he had promised to do. He is looking forward to lifting the bans imposed on certain suspended users, including former US President Donald Trump.

Musk tweeted this week where he said how he envisions Twitter to be. He said, “Twitter clearly cannot become a free hell stage where anything can be said without consequence!”

He is looking forward to content moderation and has even claimed that he will cut up to 75% of Twitter’s workforce because he is so interested in bringing unthinkable changes to the platform. The main motive is to promote self-styled “free speech absolutists” who will become active once the policies are moderated.

Upon completion of the acquisition, the billionaire tweeted“the bird is released” and then followed it up with “let the good times roll”.

However, not everyone is happy about Musk taking over Twitter. Users claim and motivate other social media users to leave Twitter and look for other alternatives.

Snarky tweets are all over the internet. one user wrote on Twitter, “Guys, we need to start shipping Jerma and Dream. I’m going to need media literacy to fall through the fucking floor right now, let’s start conversations the likes of which god or man have never seen. sent his senator a goat. get Hank Green off the site for old time’s sake”.

Another wrote: “You all realize that”Making Twitter more advertiser friendly’ could very well mean ‘Twitter will ban NSFW and anything rich right-wingers don’t like’, right? That was the excuse Verizon made when they got Tumblr to clean up NSFW content.

So be prepared to see new changes to the platform that was once known for expressing righteous opinions. Since Elon Musk controls Twitter, you can expect to witness new movements on the platform that have happened before!

Final lines

Sources told CNN the deal was closed Thursday night, before a court-ordered deadline to buy the business and hours after Musk hinted at the acquisition on social media. Musk tweeted “the bird has been released” and called himself “The Lead Tweet”.

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