Why did Christopher Scarver kill Dahmer? Know everything about him

After that, Netflix surpassed all of its documentaries and serial killer documentaries “DAMER: A monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” was released worldwide. The horror that the series has shown is unconscious. Actually, this true crime series is beyond Dahmer and the crimes he committed. Also, neighbors and witnesses tipped off the police about the crimes he was committing, yet the Milwaukee police decided to turn a blind eye. After his crimes were proven, the state of Wisconsin announced the death penalty for Dahmer, and he received it 15 times a life sentence in prison. He was also isolated.

By the time Dahmer was arrested, he had already taken his own life 17 victims and most of those men were gay and/or people of color. He even decapitates some of his victims, eats certain body parts and even tortures them to death. Dahmer has committed some heinous crimes that are too horrific to even state. But when the news of Christopher Scarver’s murder was announced, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. So why did Christopher Scarver kill Dahmer? Before that, let’s get to know Scarver.

Why was Christopher Scarver in prison?

Christopher J. Scarver Sr. was in prison for killing a training program employee, Steve Lohman in 1990. As a high school dropout, he received his training from the Wisconsin Conservation Corps’ work program to work as a carpenter. He thought that after completing the program he would become a full-time employee, as promised by supervisor Edward Patts.

Why was Christopher Scarver in prison?
Why was Christopher Scarver in prison?

But he never got the job, and when he returned to answer this false claim, he was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. He heard a voice in his head telling him to be “the chosen one”. On June 1, 1990, he opened the 27th Steve Lohmann as Pats replacement and he asked him and site manager John Fayen for money. First he held them at gunpoint and only got $15 and out of anger shot Lohmann in the head. Loman was dead instantly, but Scarver fired two more bullets. In 1992 Christopher Scarver served time at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

Why did Christopher Scarver kill Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrors made international news. But another news story also made global headlines that Christopher Scarver bludgeoned Jeffrey Dahmer to death using a “prison weight metal rod.” The incident happened on November 28, 1994 but what made him do that?

Why did Christopher Scarver kill Dahmer?
Why did Christopher Scarver kill Dahmer?

According to reports, Jeffrey actually not only assaulted but also killed Jesse Anderson, another convict who killed his wife. It is said that Jeffrey, Jesse and Christopher were doing their assigned cleaning duty and the prison guards only left them alone for 20 minutes when this all happened.

However, one thing to note is that “both Dahmer’s and Anderson’s murders provoked huge repercussions for race relations in Milwaukee, as most of Dahmer’s victims were people of color—mostly black or Hispanic—and Anderson initially led the police in pursuit of two black men who he said have committed his crime.

Detectives later confirmed that these crimes were not racially motivated. In 2015, Christopher Scarver gave an interview to the New York Post when he said that his crimes were not the reason he killed the monster. In fact, it was his eyes and the audacity to poke fun at his misdeeds.

He said, “He crossed the line with some people – prisoners, prison officials. Some people who are in prison repent – but [Dahmer] was not one of them”.

Some of Dahmer’s pranks were like using ketchup packets to mimic blood, then shaping the prison food into different body parts. But Gerald Boyle, who tried hard to defend Dahmer, said a serial killer would never mock himself. He said, “Dammer was such a toast. He would never do these things,” “He killed people, but he didn’t make fun of them. I never saw him do anything that would lead me to believe he would imitate the death he caused. I just don’t believe it.”

Christopher Scarver told his side of the story, and even today he is serving his sentence at Centennial Correctional Facility, Colorado. He currently has schizophrenia which is harmful not only to him but also to others. But one thing is for sure, Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer, and it didn’t offend anyone, because he deserved such an end, as the audience says. So it was one of the darkest serial killer stories the world has ever seen.

If you want to know the whole story, we recommend you to watch “DAHMER: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on Netflix and it will surely give you a sleepless night. Also, stay tuned to our website at Lee Daily.com for more such updates.

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