why can the movie be cancelled?

The Star Trek galaxy continues its exploration of the small screen. The license multiplies the animated and live-action series such as Strange new worlds or picard which have had some success on the Paramount + platform. These productions, derived from the iconic series, continue to surprise audiences, who can experience their own dose of interstellar adventures. The platform has no plans to slow the pace in the coming months.

On the darkroom side, however, it is much more complicated. Since 2016 and unlimited, the saga has stopped. It is no coincidence that Paramount has recruited many directors to make the project. According to the latest news, it was Matt Shankman who was recruited to carry out this mission. The one he worked on Vision of Wanda at Disney would produce a new film for the month of December.

A little over a year before this deadline, the project disappears from the Paramount calendar. Shankman will devote himself to another project, much more awaited. Eventually, he won’t change the dairy and will continue serving at Marvel. It was announced last month upon completion of the restart of 4 Great.

Since this hasty departure, Paramount has struggled to find a replacement. The company also has to deal with the deadlines of its actors’ contracts. Hence, all his difficulties led the company to give up for the time being. However, Chris Pine and Karl Urban were delighted with the idea of ​​returning to duty. They told us earlier this year that they won’t be revising the script yet.

An abandoned project?

For now, the project is not completely dead. If Paramount is clearly unable to meet its schedule, the release of star shooting 4 impossible in the next few years. The license continues to enjoy a solid community of fans who will flock to the cinema to discover their new adventures.

However, until no director is found, the film will remain on hold. This should get more complicated in the future as the actors’ schedule is very busy. Zoe Saldana returns to the cinema as Gamora for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and also James Cameron in Avatar. For his part, Karl Urban is busy being an anti-hero the boys on Amazon Prime Video.

Chris Pine will star in the film. Dungeons and Dragons slated to hit theaters next year. He currently plays a certain Frank don’t worry baby directed by Olivia Wilde. She will also star in a film about lawyer John Dean. Her program, as well as that of her friends, is therefore very busy. It is difficult to imagine that you can fit a recovery of this magnitude between two projects.

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