Who is Tinx Dating? Dix Tinx Date Diplo? Find out the details here

“Rich Mom” ​​aka Christian Najjar “Tinks” Najjar has gained popularity over the years through her famous online persona that she portrays as a rich mom. She was born and raised on September 19, 1990 in London and started her TikTok account in the month of May 2020. However, Tinx is neither a mother nor rich. She has never made such claims and it is her epic personality that has garnered her over 1.2 million followers on TikTok. As she is always in the limelight, she has fans who always try to find out the truth about her life. Mostly, her personal life is a topic of discussion among her followers. Who is Tinx dating? Is she really happy with her boyfriend? These are some of the questions that interest fans.

Who is Tinx dating in 2022? Meet Sancho

Once you become famous, there are always people watching your every move. Tinx has evolved and has one such personality that fans are obsessed with. Even though Tinx is incredibly famous, she never manages to stay humble and down to earth. She believes in simple love and is currently dating photographer Sancho. Tinx herself hasn’t confirmed anything, but as fans follow her stories and posts, it’s obvious that Tinx and Sansho are more than just friends.

Well, Sancho Scott is actually an American based photographer born on May 14, 1985. He grew up in the lower east side of the beautiful New York City and was always inspired by fashion and the luxurious metropolitan culture. In truth, Sancho spent four whole years networking and building his career in Los Angeles. But he again returned to his hometown of New York. Sansho is primarily a fashion photographer, more about capturing street styles. He uses his works for online use as well as for email marketing.

This has been his specialty for the longest period. However, he also specializes in portraits, concerts, travel, headshots and even landscape photography.

Now Reddit is always there to provide answers to all queries. On Reddit, fans search for everything about the life of “meeting Tinx and Sansho”. Everyone has a different take on their dating equation. Some users claim that the couple is in a relationship. This is because Tinx posted a story where the mystery lover and he are wearing a Yin Yang necklace. Now Sanso was also spotted wearing a similar necklace. Well, how much of a coincidence can that be?

There were many theories, but unlike every other couple, they did not officially confirm it. So, if things are going serious, the couple will give fans an update soon.

Have Tinx and Diplo ever met?

According to ET Canada reports, Tinx is addressing rumors of dating Diplo in July 2021. The former couple was rumored to be secretly dating each other. Commenting on her relationship with Diplo, Tinx said: “He’s very nice,” “Diplo and I get along great. No romantic relationships; only friendship exists. This guy is amazing. I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time, and the fact that fate brought us together in Las Vegas was completely coincidental. He is very nice, but we had a great time wandering around Las Vegas at night.

Who is Tinx dating
Who is Tinx dating

The social media influencer was also asked about the likelihood of her dating the DJ and she said: “God, I don’t know.” “To be honest, I’m considering sharing it with friends. I can’t be sure, but you never know.

Long before all these rumors hit the internet, Tinx claimed she was just friends with Diplo. Tinx was married before, but then she was single for over a month. So it takes her time to re-enter the dating pool

The duo has been seen hanging out together several times. However, she has repeatedly denied being in a relationship with Diplo.

She stated, “I’m friends with Diplo.” “We’re just friends,” “He’s a great guy.” I enjoy his music. I’m his biggest fan and I met him in Vegas by chance and fate brought us together. So we had a great time running around Vegas for the evening.”

So, even if fans are speculating, Diplo and Tinx have never admitted to anything romantic.

The TikTok star became popular solely because of her personality. She graduated from the prestigious Stanford University and is highly educated. She is currently rumored to be dating Sansho, but unless the couple confirms the news, we can only speculate. So let’s hope fans get some good news soon enough!

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