Who is Lee Sang Bo? CCTV caught actor ‘secretly’ taking drugs in public

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The identity of the Korean actor arrested for public drug use has been revealed by the media after considerable speculation. According to SBS News, the arrested celebrity is Lee Sang-bo, known for his role in the blockbuster “Secret Many.”

Several Korean actors were rumored to have been caught on camera consuming illegal substances in public. Fans asked the police to release the name and put an end to the claims after celebrities such as Park Hae-jin and Lee Moo-Saeng denied them. Finally, famous Korean paparazzo Dispatch investigated the rumors and their revelations revealed that the actor might be none other than Lee Sang-bo.

Actor Lee Sang Bo is in trouble when the authorities reveal his true identity after his arrest for drug abuse. Actor A, who starred in Miss Monte Cristo, has been identified by authorities as a celebrity accused of violating the Narcotics Control Act. On September 10, local media sites reported the arrest of an actor identified as “A,” who was described by concerned people as someone “running around like he’s on drugs.” The police did a drug test after the arrest and found that “Actor A” tested positive for drugs.

Who is Lee Sang Bo CCTV captures
Who is Lee Sang Bo CCTV catches ‘secretly many’ actor using drugs in public

Lee Moo Saeng and Park Hae Jin are “Actors A”

There are now two players involved in the dispute. Now 42-year-old “Thirty Nine” star Lee Moo Saeng immediately put an end to the speculation and issued a statement to set the record straight. His management company, Alien Company, “clearly announced” in a post on Instagram that Lee Moo Saeng is not “Actor A” and “has nothing to do with the issue in question.”

The talent agency also said it will defend its artists against “baseless lies spread through internet communities and social media.” Then, after being dragged into the controversy, another actor released a statement to exonerate himself.

Actor Park Hae Jin’s management company, Artist Company, issued a statement calling the rumors about him “absolutely baseless” and unrelated to the case. The administration also threatened serious litigation “if baseless falsehoods related to this matter continue to circulate.”

Who is Lee Sang Bo CCTV captures
Who is Lee Sang Bo CCTV catches ‘secretly many’ actor using drugs in public

Lee Sang-Bo arrested for using drugs in public

On September 10, police visited the home of an unnamed Gangnam actor in his forties and made an arrest. Police were informed that the casually dressed actor was tripping over his own feet in public and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Several media outlets on September 12 confirmed that the actor seen on a street CCTV camera, covered in his vomit and unable to speak or walk properly, was Lee Sang-bo.

He was taken to hospital after authorities found a stash of drugs in his residence. Leaning forward as police led him away, Lee Sang-bo was seen on CCTV. On September 11, 2017, it was reported that Lee Sang-bo pleaded guilty to all charges against him. Because of his cooperation, the report suggests that authorities will investigate both the origin of the drug and its importation.

After he recovers from hospitalization, he will be questioned. Known for his roles in films such as 2013’s ‘Secretly Greatly’, Korean dramas such as ‘Private Lives’ and the lead role in 2021’s ‘Miss Monte-Carlo’, he has a solid filmography. He reportedly started working on his own after leaving his previous agency in 2021. With South Korea being strict, one asked, “I wonder how they even get dr *g$??”

Who is Lee Sang Bo CCTV captures
Who is Lee Sang Bo CCTV catches ‘secretly many’ actor using drugs in public

One fan said, “They should have released the name right away to avoid people speculating who it is.. Innocent names were dragged.” Another said, “This is why I don’t watch drama. It’s heartbreaking to see your favorite actor’s career ruined because of a scandal.

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