Where is Netflix’s Everything Calls for Salvation Filmed?

Based on Daniele Mancarelli’s novel of the same name, Netflix’s “All Calls Salvation” (originally titled “Tutto Chiade Salveza”) is an Italian drama series that follows a young man, Daniel, who unknowingly finds himself in a psychiatric ward. recruit with a group. other patients with distinct personalities. As memories of her past echo in waves, Danielle tries to learn to live and love again with her fellow patients, the cynical doctors and nurses on the ward.

The drama shows various examples of comic relief to lighten the depth of the themes explored in the narrative. This is made even more effective by the stellar performances of a talented choral cast including Federico Cesari, Fotino Peluso, Andrea Penacchi and Carolina Crescentini. The setting of the psychiatric hospital and the various locations used, especially in the flashback scenes, will surely make you wonder about the filming locations of the Netflix show. Well, if so, we’ve got you covered!

All emancipation requires filming locations

“All Calls Salvation” is shot entirely in Italy, more precisely in the capital of the metropolitan city of Rome. Principal shooting for the drama series’ opening iteration began in September 2021 and wrapped in early December of that year. Officially known as the Italian Republic or the Italian Republic, it is located in southern Europe and ranks at the top in terms of life expectancy, health care, education and quality of life. . Now, without further ado, let’s go through all the specific locations where the series was filmed!

Capital of Rome, metropolitan city of Italy

Most of “All Calls to Salvation” is the capital of the Metropolitan City of Rome, a local government area in the Lazio region, which includes the city of Rome and 120 other municipalities surrounding the city. Center of the region and capital of the Lazio region, Rome is one of the main production sites of the Italian show business.

Furthermore, on the Lazio coast, a few kilometers south of Rome, is the municipality of Anzio, the location used by the shooting unit of “All Calls Salvation”. During the first season’s filming schedule, members of the cast and crew were also seen shooting several important scenes in Ostia, a large district of the X Municipio in the municipality of Rome.

In addition to All Calling Salvation, the capital of the Metropolitan City of Rome has over the years been the location of the filming of numerous films and TV programs. Some notables are “House of Gucci”, “The Tree of Life”, “The Uncle’s Man”, “The Passion of the Christ”, “Leonardo” and “Medici”.

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