Where Are Kevin Zieleniewski and John Hielscher Now? Dateline Update

When attorney Kevin Zilenivsky learned that Thomas and Raymond Hires were responsible for Robert Carey’s murder, he knew they had to act. Kevin was living in Detroit, Michigan at the time of Robert’s murder and remembered his former roommate, John Hilscher, talking about him on the night of the tragedy. “Dateline: Graduation Night” takes viewers through the horrific murder and explains how Kevin and John were involved in the investigation. Let’s take a look at the facts surrounding the murder and find out where Kevin and John are right now, shall we?

Who are Kevin Zielenewski and John Hilscher?

Robert Carey, a well-known drug dealer in Detroit, Michigan, was shot at his home at close range with a shotgun on June 26, 1987. At the time, Kevin was attending Detroit Law School and shared a room with his roommate at the time, John Hilscher. Shortly after Robert’s murder, Kevin learns that his roommate was at the victim’s house that fateful night because he wanted to buy marijuana. However, John explained that although they were about to ask for drugs, he saw a group of black men, including two gunmen, approach the back door of the house. It was then that he ignored the plan to obtain the drugs and quickly fled. While on the run, John and his friends heard two gunshots before everything calmed down. However, neither John nor Kevin contacted the authorities during the initial investigation into the murder and kept what they saw.

Meanwhile, another eyewitness, Thomas Kalberson, stepped forward and claimed he found two white men fleeing the crime scene shortly after the murder. Plus, the police made another apparent turn when a man named Jamie Lawrence showed up and insisted on hearing Thomas Hirst talk about the robbery and murder of Robert Carey. Jamie also claimed that Thomas and his brother, Raymond Hires, owed the victim money, which gave him a reason for the murder.

Once the agents brought Thomas and Raymond Haier for questioning, they claimed their innocence and claimed they were not involved. However, Thomas Kalberson removed Raymond from a series of photographs, saying he had apparently been seen fleeing the crime scene. Then, with such clear statements from eyewitnesses, the police arrested brother Haier and charged him with first degree murder, assault with intent to murder, and possession of a firearm in a felony. . When shown in court, Thomas and Raymond pleaded not guilty, but were ultimately found guilty on all counts. As a result, in 1988 he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for first degree murder, plus a few more years for other sentences. Subsequently, no petition or motion could enact a law to overturn the sentence.

Where are Kevin Zielniewski and John Hilscher today?

Kevin Zielniewski entered the case in 2009 when he learned of the incident from a Facebook post and revealed how Thomas and Raymond were convicted. He saw that the couple behind bars were white, but he clearly remembered his roommate John talking about gunmen who were black. That’s when Kevin calls John and tries to get him to testify on behalf of his brother. According to the show, John was initially reluctant to testify but quickly decided to stand up for what was right. He contacted Higher Brothers defense attorneys with evidence of him and the attorneys immediately filed a reconsideration motion.

john hilscher

During the motion hearing, John, along with another man named James Giannunzio, testified that he saw armed black men approach Robert’s door before the shot was fired. fires. Eventually, based on the testimony, the judge cleared a retrial, and when Tomas and Raymond Hires were released on bail in 2012, prosecutors dismissed the case in 2013, clearing them of all charges.

Unfortunately, since then, John Hilscher has preferred a private life and has a limited presence on social media, leaving his current whereabouts unclear. On the other hand, Kevin Zilenivsky currently resides in Washington, DC, and still practices as a lawyer. Readers will be interested to know that Kevin also appeared on “Dateline”, where he talks about his experience of helping the Haier brothers clear their names.

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