When Madhuri Dixit’s husband Sriram Nene said that her being a celeb ‘makes some things difficult’

Madhuri Dixit stunned everyone when Madhuri Dixit secretly married Dr. Sriram Nene, an American surgeon. They married on October 17, 1999. Soon the actor left India to start a new life. In a 2013 interview, Dr. Nene talked about his marriage and his life with Madhuri, who was at the height of his career when he left acting. Read also: Shriram Nene celebrates her 23rd wedding anniversary with Madhuri Dixit, shares a note

Madhuri and Dr Nene, who celebrated their 23rd birthday on Monday, now live in Mumbai with their children. Check out Madhuri’s social media and you’ll see the two spending time together while she cuts his hair or while she teaches her son Arin to dance. In a previous interview, Dr. Nene recalled how Madhuri, being a celebrity, made certain things “difficult or impossible” after marriage. He said it was “more the case in India than in the US”.

“Marriage changes us all to some degree, no matter what people say. Some changes are common to all marriages, such as your schedule and time spent with family, etc. It’s great to have a life partner you can rely on. Also, now you need to look for the family unit. In our case, the fact that he is a celebrity makes some things difficult or impossible. This is more true in India than in India. in the United States. However, it really identified me. Or the personality hasn’t changed, ”Dr Nene previously told Filmfare.

In the same interview, he called Madhuri sober and down-to-earth and added …

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