When Does Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight Halloween Event Start? Answered


A new Halloween event is heading towards Dead by Daylight. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Behavior Interactive confirmed on October 6 that a new event would be held in Dead by Daylight to celebrate the Halloween season. It’s called Haunted by Daylight and is set to offer players tons of great freebies to win, but when will it officially start? Here’s everything you need to know When the Haunted of Daylight event starts in Dead by Daylight,

Daylight’s Haunted by Dead from Daylight Halloween Event – When does it start?

Haunted by Daylight is currently scheduled to start in the game on October 13th and finish on November 3rd., 2022This will require players to complete certain objectives such as gaining zero energy and storing it in the game Rift to earn rewards, which include candy themed weapons for assassins and outfits for survivors. Hey. There will also be a new Event Tome full of challenges for players for additional rewards.

Although the event only starts on October 13th, players should note that new items in the shop will be added on October 11th as part of the event, including new outfits for Oni and Albert Wesker. In addition, the game will be free for the duration of the Halloween weekend.

So that’s it for now. I hope I have helped you with this When the Dead By Daylight’s Haunted By Daylight Halloween event startsIf you want to brush up on your knowledge of Daylight Dead, be sure to check out our guide which explains all the effects and status symbols. If you have any technical issues, our guides on how to check a game’s server status and fix error code 8012 will also come in handy.

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