WhatsApp will soon release these 5 new features for users

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps in the world. The Meta-owned messaging app has always tried to improve users’ texting experience by rolling out new features through regular updates. These updates improve the visual experience, better privacy settings, or updates as simple as new emoticons.

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on several new features for both its personal and business accounts. These features are expected to be released soon.

Check out these five new WhatsApp features.

Block screenshots

WhatsApp is testing a screenshot blocking feature that will prevent users from taking screenshots of images and videos marked as “View Once”. The feature is currently available to beta users. The feature is likely to roll out to all stable users soon. With this feature, users can place restrictions on screen capture and media recording that is shared with friends and other contacts. This will increase the privacy security of users as users can share media files without worrying about someone taking screenshots of the files.

Clickable WhatsApp Status Links

With this feature, users can share URLs with hyperlinks on the caption in status updates. The feature will allow users to exchange URLs to their own websites and pages, as well as other fascinating pages they come across online. The user’s contacts can open the same pages by simply clicking on the links.

WhatsApp Premium for business accounts

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a subscription service for WhatsApp Business. The new WhatsApp Business subscription will be called WhatsApp Premium. Similar to Telegram’s premium services, WhatsApp Premium will also provide business users with additional benefits. WhatsApp Premium subscribers have to pay for these additional benefits such as personalized business links and the capacity to connect more than four devices to one account are examples of these functionalities. The instant messaging app may add more features after its release.

New business tools section for WhatsApp Business

Soon, WhatsApp Business users will also have a new tab on the app’s home screen. The Business Tool tab, which replaces the camera element on the far left, will serve as a single portal for business users where they can quickly access Business Tools without having to go through in-app settings. These features include catalog settings, business profile support, and an advertising link with Facebook and Instagram.

New sidebar and status replies for WhatsApp Desktop

A new sidebar and status replies will also appear in future updates for all WhatsApp desktop users. WhatsApp desktop users will be able to see the status of their contacts and reply to them just like they would on a phone thanks to the status replies feature. Meanwhile, the sidebar will allow easy access to the status, settings and profile updates tab.

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