What’s the temperature in Austin on Halloween?

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The National Weather Service has weather data for Austin dating back to 1890.

KXAN dug through the archives to find the hottest, coldest and wettest Halloweens on record.

This year, the First Warning Weather team is predicting mostly cloudy but dry conditions on Halloween, with high temperatures in the upper 70s.

Camp Mabry — Austin’s official weather reporting site — receives 3.91 inches of rain in a typical October, meaning about 0.13 inches falls each day, including Halloween.

The chart above shows the 10 wettest Halloweens in Austin history.

The wettest so far was in 1900, when 2.8 inches of rain fell on October 31. The only other year that received more than 2 inches was 1940.

Four other Halloweens saw more than an inch of rain, most recently in 2013 when 1.43 inches fell at Camp Mabry.

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The average high temperature in Austin on October 31st is 77°.

On two occasions, Austin reached 90° on Halloween, in 1997 and again in 2003.

Meanwhile, the lowest high temperature was in 1991, when Austin only reached 50°.

As far as low temperatures go, Austin’s average on October 31st is 56°. The chart below shows the 10 coldest Halloweens on record when it comes to freezing temperatures.

Austin has only seen a Halloween freeze once in history, in 1993. Several other years have come close, most recently in 2019 when Camp Mabry dropped to 34°.

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