What really happened the night Marian Shockley died? “Evil has come to play,” says her ex-murder boyfriend

The story of a University of Georgia professor who was found dead in a hot tub with a cut on her head just got even more shocking.

The only person who attended the strange gathering and did not die has come forward to say that “the devil was at work” on the night a woman died and another man who was there later killed himself.

Sources claim that on the night of May 11, 2019 Marian Shockley and her boyfriend Marcus Lillard were in a hot tub at their friend Clark Heindel’s home in Georgia. Shockley was a distinguished professor at the University of Georgia.

Lillard says he and his girlfriend were “super in love” and that it was their last night together.

Lillard said the only person still alive at the crime scene was, “The devil was at work. I mean, everything he could do to set this thing up to make it confusing and deceptive and it was all there.

Heindel told police he didn’t get into the hot tub but stayed in the shallow side of the pool when they came to his house to investigate the crime. Heindel, a former psychologist who was three decades older than the couple, killed himself early on the evening of the inquest.

Left a three-page death note in which he did not say he was to blame for the woman’s drowning. Lillard had been drinking and using drugs with Heindel, which is why he says he doesn’t remember much about his last night with his girlfriend.

Although he was tipsy and wanted to explore the woods, Shockley told him to stay with her. “Honey … get back in that water with me right now,” Lillard told CBS, Shockley begging him.

“She had fear in her voice and it was … definitely fear,” he said. Lillard gave a simple answer when asked why he didn’t do what she asked: “Because I’m an idiot.” He says he doesn’t know what scared her so much, and he also doesn’t know how long he was in the woods.

Yet when she returned to the hot tub, “I could see Marianne reclining with her chin up to her nose in the water…” She was also said to have a cut on her head when her body was found. The men probably waited about two hours before calling the police.

Lillard and Heindel were initially named as suspects in the crime. However, as the investigation continues, Lillard becomes the prime suspect. The medical examiner said Shockley’s death was caused by strangulation, and Lillard was charged with aggravated murder and other crimes in her death.

Sources said he was found not guilty just a week after the trial began. According to the news source, Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massey said it was one of the strangest crime scenes he had ever been dispatched to.

Years later, Lillard still says two deaths were caused by cursed drugs. “One thing I know for sure is that it wasn’t normal ecstasy … it was super powerful … and I believe it was done by evil hands.”

When asked why he thought the drug had bad power, Lillard replied, “Well, it killed two people…”

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