what is this french series on prime video?

Seeking a strong French production, Amazon Prime Video unveils the comedy Darknet-sur-Mer. but what he says?

In full growth, Amazon Prime Video is looking for ambitious productions to invade the living rooms of series fans around the world. In France, the platform multiplies territorial projects. He then recruits some famous figures such as Mélanie Laurent with whom he was entitled to his film The Bal des Folles.

Prime Video France is also developing a film directed by Franck Gastambide, currently shot in Colombia. melee, worn by Melha Bedia, has just joined the SVOD service. It is the turn of October Darknet-sur-Mer to access Prime Video. Is this comedy, conducted by Arthus and Théo Fernandez, destined for success?

Amazon Prime video
Welcome to Poney-sur-Mer! (Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

What does he say?

Ben and Flo are two young hackers who roam the dark web to escape their monotonous lives in the small town of Ponet-sur-Mer. But their peace will be shattered when two well-restored Albanian mobsters arrive after being duped by the two nerds. Incredible situations then follow one another and there are many misunderstandings. The journey of the two protagonists will be full of pitfalls.

Amazon Prime Video’s approach is reminiscent of Netflix‘s, which has largely convinced audiences with Family Business. The series ended after three seasons with many twists and introduced Jonathan Cohen to the general public. By appealing to comedian Arthus, the platform is undoubtedly looking to draw inspiration from its competitor.

Who is in the cast?

As previously mentioned, comedian Arthus is in the cast of this series. He won’t be the only familiar face of the production as we will also meet Théo Fernandez. The actor appeared in the Les Tuches saga, but stood out above all for his portrayal of him in the web series stem.

Artus in Darknet-sur-Mer
Credits: Amazon Prime Video

He once again played a hacker, who uses his skills to spy on his classmates. Here the tone of the story is much lighter. She will answer Joséphine Draï (Hart Map) and Leon Plazol (the corresponding). Vincent Desagnat (visitors) and Arie Elmaleh (The children) are also traveling.

Is this good?

Ever since its arrival in France, Amazon Prime Video has been quite effective in the series. In Mixed And totem, the platform has nothing to envy to its competitors. darknet-sur-mer will it be his first mistake? We must admit that the series produced by Rémy Four and Julien War worried us as much as it intrigued us. Between comedy and action movies, this adventure can experience some bugs, which it narrowly avoids.

His narrative already distinguishes him from what we can see in the genre. He invites all the gears of the action movie to exploit them with malice. We soon started this muscle adventure and we have to admit it’s quite fun. Running at full speed, this clan war on the French coast has all the qualities to establish itself as solid entertainment.

Nothing is denied and he does not hesitate to bring his initial premise to a climax. She abuses her gallery of characters, making them poignant as well as laughable. It is based on a mix of genres and is remarkably successful. The series is not lacking in comic scenes and bitter responses.

Add to that a casting for the challenge, especially the fantastic Joséphine Draï who gave us some good comic moments in the six episodes. We can also pay tribute to the success of Arthus who is perfectly in the skin of the thug with a big heart. His chemistry with Imer Kutlovci explodes off the screen. He is already our favorite duo.

Whether Poney-sur-Mer residents will find a place in the hearts of Amazon Prime Video subscribers remains to be seen. If so, we wouldn’t be surprised if the series is renewed for a second season. Until October 7 to discover the six episodes of this first season.

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