What is the special meaning behind the color of each pumpkin?

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Evansville, Ind., (War) – On Halloween, enthusiastic cheaters will don costumes and go door to door, piling up some plastic pumpkins of different colors. The same pumpkins, which can have a particular meaning depending on the color, are also found at the gate.

Nextstar’s WEHT clears up any confusion this year when it comes to bright colors and what they stand for.

teal pumpkin

Popular thanks to the Teal Pumpkin Project This coloring is used to make trick-or-treating safer and more inclusive for children with food allergies. A teal pumpkin on a door indicates that the owner provides non-food trinkets and treats that are safe for all cheaters. Children with food allergies can bring a bucket of teal squash to let adults know about their condition.

pink pumpkin

Just as the pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer awareness, so does the pink pumpkin. Halloween falls during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many of the people holding pink pumpkins may know breast cancer survivors or be themselves. the unprofitable “Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation” helped facilitate donations to organizations involved in breast cancer research based on the sale of naturally pink pumpkin seeds and fruits.

blue pumpkin

A house with a blue pumpkin on the outside may indicate that a child in the home is on the autism spectrum. It could mean that the child is afraid to ring the bell or is not attending Halloween. A trick or treat with a blue bucket can indicate that your child has autism and may need patience and support.

purple pumpkin

Purple and pale pumpkins indicate that a family member or deceiver himself has epilepsy. It initially started with “Purple Pumpkin Project” as a way to raise awareness. It is important to know this pumpkin in case of seizures.

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