What is the real reason Iyana Jones broke up with Jarrett?

Iyana and Jarrett Jones, who starred together in the web series Love Is Blind, have decided to divorce after a year of marriage. Unlike her candid discussion of the breakup in a recent podcast, he has remained relatively silent on the subject.

Iyana Jones cites the weather as the reason she and Jarrett haven’t worked out

Iyana Jones gave an interview to the Diary of an Empath podcast a few weeks before the second season of Love Is Blind: After the Altar hits Netflix. In the interview, she discussed the popular reality TV show as well as the breakup of her marriage to Jarrett.

Iyana admitted that her anxiety was the reason “the hardest” an obstacle she has to overcome when she talks about the experience of falling in love in a high-pressure environment. She talked about how she experienced falling in love.

The reason behind Iyana Jones' breakup with Jarrett
The reason behind Iyana Jones’ breakup with Jarrett

She added that she had different expectations and that she didn’t realize how draining it was for her to have to do “hard decision”. Iyana asked if she did “good judgement” and whether or not she has fully gained weight “best match” for her, given that the contestants only had weeks to decide.

In addition, the reality TV personality mentioned that she wasn’t able to seek guidance like she normally would because she couldn’t do it. Ultimately, the native Chicagoan believes that time was a factor in why things didn’t work out between them. Iyana believes that the married couple would not have married if they could have spent more time away from the cameras.

Iyana thinks Jarrett needs to go on a “personal growth journey.”

She clarified the situation by stating that she was forced to rely on his words because there was not enough time to notice the changes in his actions. Consequently, the program coordinator based in Chicago realized that they were experiencing the same problems.

Although she does not go into detail about the problems, it can be assumed that they are related to his excessive partying, as this topic was touched on in After the Altar more than once.

Iyana thinks that if they had decided to get married a month earlier, she wouldn’t have said yes to the proposal. She also discussed the moment she knew they had to go their separate ways, noting that it all started with a discussion about the couple’s children. Iyana mentioned that she concluded that she could not start a family with a partner who was “incompatible”, especially because they had already had problems.

On the other hand, she stated that he “took it personally,” thinking that Iyana was implying that he wouldn’t be a good father. The reality TV personality elaborated, saying that while she believes he would be a wonderful parent, she doesn’t believe he would be a loyal partner. Iyanna’s final explanation was Jarrette’s “internal growth path” was another major factor in the relationship’s failure to succeed.

Iyana and Jarrett split after a year of marriage

While filming Love Is Blind Season 2 in June 2021, Jarrett and Iyana fell for each other in the pods before ever meeting in person.

The two seemed head over heels in love with each other, although he first intended to propose to another contestant named Mallory Zapata, but she chose Salvador Perez instead. They eagerly agreed to get married, making them one of two couples to tie the knot this season.

On the date, he had to explain his inappropriate banter with Mallory when they were on their honeymoon. During this time, he joked about what ring he would choose to gift Mallory.

Iyana claims they moved on from the situation even though she seems to have caused her pain. However, they divorced in August 2022, just over a year after they were married. Following Altar, which was released just a month later, included a storyline that delved into their problems and identified his excessive partying as the main challenge they faced. Love Is Blind is currently available to watch on Netflix.

Final lines:

On August 17, 2018, Iyana and Jarrett broke the devastating news to their Instagram followers that they were divorcing. At the time the announcement was made, they had been together for just over a year.

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