What is behind the reason for Joe Gatto’s divorce?

Things got off to a rough start in 2022 with the tragic passing of legendary actress Betty White just weeks before her 100th birthday and the departure of Joe Gatto from the comedy show Impractical Jokers. Things got even worse, which is a shame.

Comedian Joe Gatto’s fans were left heartbroken by the news that he and wife Bessie were splitting just as the clock struck midnight on December 31. Joe surprised his Instagram followers on New Year’s Eve with a somber post about his career and personal life. .

Joe wrote, “I just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be involved with Impractical Jokers.” “With the help of my friends, I have spent the last decade of my life developing this brand and I am incredibly happy with the results.”

As he continued: “However, I have to step down at the moment due to issues in my personal life. My divorce with Bessie was amicable and I am committed to doing my best as a father and co-parent to our two wonderful children.’

What is behind the reason for Joe Gatto's divorce?
What is the reason for Joe Gatto’s divorce?

Joe threw two curveballs at the Impractical Jokers viewers. We all know that Joe has some serious personal issues (probably the breakup) that forced him to leave the popular comedy group, but what exactly is the reason behind Joe and Bessie’s divorce?

Why are Joe Gatto and Bessie getting divorced?

Joe and Bessie Gatto, who seem to have had a perfect and happy marriage for eight years, have decided to divorce after all. While fans have yet to learn the specifics of what led to the couple’s divorce, it’s likely that incompatibility, drifting apart, lack of communication, or family conflicts played a role.

Bessie also made a public announcement on Instagram on December 31, 2021, just like Joe did. Bessie captioned the photo, “Me and Joe when we were young and carefree.”

“We both respect each other and our decision to separate, but we love each other very much. Although we are no longer a couple, we are excited to continue being a family to our wonderful children as parents.”

What is behind the reason for Joe Gatto's divorce?
What is the reason for Joe Gatto’s divorce?

She further said, “As we begin this next phase of our lives together, we kindly ask that you give us some space. And since saving dogs and other animals is our common interest, we won’t stop doing that either!”

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With Joe gone, will Impractical Jokers disband?

Although Brian “Q” Quinn, Sal Vulcano and James “Mur” Murray feel that Impractical Jokers will never be the same without Joe Gatto, they intend to continue filming for TruTV. After Joe and Bessie released their statements, Q commented on Joe’s departure on Instagram.

Q wrote that the cast of Impractical Jokers “never imagined doing the show without Joe after all these years together.”

“While we are sad to see him go, we are committed to continuing the legacy of Impractical Jokers and working with the family we call our cast mates.” With the help of our loyal audience, we plan to start production on a brand new episode of Impractical Jokers in the new year.”

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