What do I need to do to find out about the penalty?

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From next November 1, General direction of movement It fundamentally changes the way of notification of fines for legal entities, i.e. for companies. So you have to be very careful because if you don’t register in Registration of Road e-mail address From that date you have no way of knowing if they have been sanctioned and therefore will have to pay the relevant amount even if they don’t know. However, we must not forget the proper observance of the rules of road education, such as always respecting the speed limits established on each road to avoid accidents, which is regulated by radars, which can fine you up to 600 euros.

In November, the agency will stop issuing fines on paper and will do so through the electronic register. This new measure does not affect individuals because they are not required to have an email. However, companies must properly know the steps to follow in order to register, because although it seems easy, it can lead to serious economic problems if not done correctly.

The Electronic road address (DEV) It is electronic mail box in which you can can to register to receive the messages and notifications that DGT sends you about your vehicle. Traffic will directly assign a DEV to any holder of a driving license or vehicle permit. This address will be automatically assigned to all permits held by its owner on the vehicle’s and driver’s and road offender’s records.

Ticket Issuing Agent.

Ticket Issuing Agent.

How to register?

To register for this free service, the company will only need to access the authority’s electronic register with a digital certificate or electronic DNI. You can do it anytime.

Once this is done, from Pyramid Consulting They specify that as soon as a notice of any kind is published through this new channel, they have a maximum of 10 calendar days to download it. If the withdrawal is not given within the time limit, it expires. And if it expires, it cannot be downloaded and is considered successfully received. This means that if it is looked at in this way, the response times, which can vary between 10 and 20 days, start to run.

If it is not answered within this period, it is considered a non-compliance and a penalty, which is dangerous because if it is a fine, the penalties can be up to three times the original amount and the Ministry of Finance will proceed with an embargo.

Therefore, it is a lot recommended and required From November, businesses must register in this system, as they will only need to enter their email and mobile phone number.

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