What did Sita of Ramleela say on the condition of girls today? How long does it take to become Sita?

The staging of Ramlila at the Ramlila Maidan located in the Red Fort of the capital Delhi began with great fanfare with the cult of Ganesh. Delhi will look pious for 11 days. Two years after the corona outbreak, this time it will go on stage in grand form. From the Ramlila committee to the devotees, there is enthusiasm and excitement. The faithful are looking forward to these days. However, due to rain in the past, there was a hiatus in the staging-related program, but the performers were busy preparing enthusiastically. The ENT Live team also joined Sita from Ramlila. Do you know what Sita said about the state of girls in today’s society? How long does it take Sita to wear makeup? Find out all in this exclusive chat with Sita i and Devoleena Chatterjee.

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