What are Bucket Bunnies and Linewives? Dramatic events on Tiktok!

The drama, of course, is what draws people to a hitherto obscure online group. It’s a tumultuous time for the housewives subculture. Now that storm season is upon us, bucket bunnies are swarming the liners like flies. But don’t worry, craftsmen are used to dealing with hoes.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand; until last week, the majority of internet users were in the same boat as you. After a series of weird TikToks containing dumb messages circulated on Twitter, the linemen subreddit caught the attention of the platform’s general audience.

I am the wife of a pipeline worker. Before tik tok we used to fight Row Hoes. When the spouses of Florida’s linemen come together to take on the infamous “bucket bunnies”, I will be there to support them all the way. It’s not fashion, it’s a way of life,” @ohhmtee wrote on TikTok, holding up three fingers for emphasis.

Tiktok Bucket Bunnies
Tiktok Bucket Bunnies

What is a lineman?

Someone who fixes broken electrical lines is called a plumber. Linemen are the ones responsible for restoring power when a natural disaster occurs. During hurricane and tornado seasons, these blue-collar contractors can spend up to half the year traveling while earning top dollar for their services.

What is a good wife?

A woman who has based her identity on her husband’s work as a lineman is called a lineman wife. Linemen are the people who install and maintain power lines. There are some online forums, one of which is TikTok, that are dedicated to discussing the highs and lows of being a husband.

What is a bucket bunny?

It is common practice for liners to operate trucks equipped with extended buckets. According to Urban Dictionary, the pejorative term “bucket bunny” refers to “a lady who jumps from power line to power line hoping to have sex, often without caring if the guys are single or married.”

What is a regular hoe?

According to Urban Dictionary, this is another offensive phrase for a woman who works in the pipeline industry as a “welder’s helper… who has sex with anyone or anything as a means of advancement, quit the job.” You may notice model here.

Why are Linemen, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies the talk of the town?

Storm season has arrived in the eastern United States, which means linemen are leaving their homes (and their wives) and getting caught up in dating apps in pursuit of so-called “bucket bunnies.” In the case of Hurricane Ian, the drama is created by wives holding bunnies responsible for their husbands’ extramarital affairs.

Tiktok Bucket Bunnies
Tiktok Bucket Bunnies

Recent Florida transplant @dimijimmy1 explained that the incident started when a bunny posted a video of herself searching on Tinder and all the men she matched with were linemen. Because of this, the wives decided to chase the bunnies rather than their cheating husbands.

Because of the footage, according to TikToker @iamcameronkay’s account, the men are being “caught in 4K”. Meanwhile, the line workers are calling their husbands “embarrassing and embarrassing,” as mentioned in a tweet that went viral and was the main reason the conversation started, and was written by a reporter Kelsey Wickman.

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