Westlake created 5 turnovers in the second half to outscore Dripping Springs 29-10

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas (KXAN) — When it comes to halftime adjustments, the Westlake Chaparrals do it as well as anyone in Texas high school football.

No. 2 Chaps had five home runs in the second half, four in the fourth quarter and outplayed the No. 16 Dripping Springs 29-10 at Tiger Stadium. This is the Chaps 47th straight win and it was one of the most entertaining and competitive games all season in Central Texas.

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“It was a total team effort, we finally finished in the second half,” Westlake coach Tony Salazar said. “Once you start scoring touchdowns, those things add up. We answered the bell. We want to win them all.”

Game log

Final: Westlake 29, Dripping Springs 10. The Chaparrals won the turnover battle in striking fashion, but this game was closer than the final score suggests. Dripping Springs is for real and will be a tough matchup for anyone in the state playoffs when the time comes.

2:27 4Q: Novosad throws another interception, this one by Westlake’s Nathan Blue. The Tigers have four turnovers on their last four possessions. Westlake takes over on its own 46-yard line.

3:08 4Q: Dripping Springs stops Westlake on 4th down, but they have a long way to go to get back into the game. The Tigers take over at their own 35-yard line.

5:22 4Q: It unraveled for Dripping Springs. Novosad throws a deep pass that is picked off by Westlake’s Denim Collins. The Chaps take over at the Dripping Springs 41-yard line

5:36 4Q: WESTLAKE TOUCHDOWN – On the first play after a turnover, Westlake adds another goal. Land hits Bryce Chambers for an 18-yard score and the Chaps open. PAT good. Chaparrals 29, Tigers 10

5:42 4Q: Westlake’s Will Courtney steps up to Novosad’s pass and intercepts it. It’s Westlake’s third drive of the game and the Chaps take over at the Dripping Springs 18-yard line.

5:50 4Q: TOUCHDOWN WESTLAKE – On 3rd and 1, Paxton Land has him on the read option and he runs 25 yards untouched for a touchdown. They all collapsed on Jack Kaiser, who was going one way, and Land pulled him down and scored. What a game and great performance. The 2 point attempt is no good. Chaparrals 22, Tigers 10

6:32 4Q: Westlake’s Colton Vasek makes a huge play and hits Austin Novosad to force a fumble. The Chaps take over at the Tigers’ 32-yard line. If the Chaps score here, it feels like it could put the game away.

8:42 4Q: Tigers need to hit, but it’s good. Westlake takes over on its own 11-yard line to start the drive.

End of 3Q: Chaparrals 16, Tigers 10. Buckle up for a wild finish, folks. Dripping Springs will start the 4Q 2nd and 10 at their own 41 yard line.

0:16 3Q: Westlake tries to get Dripping Springs to jump jams on 4th-and-3, but the Tigers don’t bite. Westlake takes a delay of game penalty and then makes shots. Dripping Springs takes over at their own 41-yard line as Westlake can’t convert.

3:12 3Q: Dripping Springs put it on the turf and Westlake recovered near midfield. Westlake’s Ford Thompson strips the ball from Dripping Springs running back Jack Tyndall for the game’s first turnover. Great game for a little momentum shift.

5:44 3Q: DROPPING SPRINGS TOUCHDOWN – Novosad throws his 19th touchdown of the season to Boston Papp for a 7-yard touchdown. 10 play, 80 yard drive for the Tigers. PAT good. Chaparral 16, Tigers 10

6:44 3Q: Dripping Springs hits big game. Novosad hits Garen Duncan for a 40-yard gain to the Westlake 25-yard line.

9:37 3Q: WESTLAKE TOUCHDOWN – Junior running back Jack Kaiser breaks up a huge run with a great block by wide receivers. Kayser raced 43 yards to paydirt, his 13th rushing score of the season. We have the first touchdown of the game. PAT good. Chaparral 16, Tigers 3

12:00 3Q: Westlake gets the second half kickoff

Halftime: Chaparrals 9, Tigers 3. Barnett has a 51-yard field goal attempt blocked, but this play doesn’t have a touchdown in the first half, and that’s wild. The Tigers compete in Class 6A Texas high school football. We will see if either team can finish the shots in the second half.

0:43 2Q: FIELD GOAL WESTLAKE – Spencer Barnett’s 46-yard punt. Who would have thought it would be a kicking contest with both offenses averaging over 50 points per game this season? Wild. Chaparral 9, Tigers 3

1:58 2Q: It was the longest play of the first half for Westlake, but it still just led to a field goal on a bad snap a few plays later. Paxton Land hit Keaton Kubeka for a 51-yard touchdown pass with 1:58 left in the second quarter.

3:12 2Q: FEEL GOAL DRIPPING SPRINGS – Walker Wright fires a 35-yard shot through the posts and the Tigers cut the Chaps’ lead in half. Chaparral 6, Tigers 3

6:04 2Q: Dripping Springs defense is also pretty good. The Tigers get the ball back around their own 40 yard line and let’s see if Austin Novosad can get this offense going

6:26 2Q: Westlake’s defense has been great so far and is forcing another Tigers punt. Westlake will take over on their own 19 yard line.

8:37 2Q: FIELD GOAL WESTLAKE – Bad snap robs Westlake of a touchdown, but Ege kicks another one, this one from 28 yards. Chaparral 6, Tigers 0

9:02 2Q: On 1st down from the 1, a bad snap results in a 9 yard loss for the Chaps and turns it into 2nd down from the 10 yard line. The absolute worst time for a bad shot in a shotgun.

11:02 2Q: Westlake wide receiver Jaden Greathouse makes a catch like a Notre Dame commit would make over the middle. The pass was thrown behind him and he went up in the air to grab it for a big gain.

End of 1Q: Chaparrals 3, Tigers 0. We’re in for a good one, but we’ll see if Westlake’s adjustments are good enough to surpass the Tigers’ adjustments.

0:11 1Q: Westlake’s righty TJ Shanahan is injured and is being tended to on the sidelines by the team’s staff. He came off the field with a little help, so he will be tested.

0:56 1Q: A fumble and a penalty put the Tigers back on 3rd and 20, and they didn’t come close to converting, so they punted again. After a penalty on the punt return, the Chaps take control at their own 45 yard line

3:30 1Q: FIELD GOAL WESTLAKE – Carter Ege kicks a 30-yard field goal to give the Chaps an early lead. Chaparral 3, Tigers 0

5:34 1Q: Paxton Land gets out of foul trouble and finds Jack Kayser for a 23-yard gain on 3rd-and-11 down to the Dripping Springs 19-yard line. What a game by Land. The Tigers bottled him up, but somehow he sputtered out of the pocket while huddling.

9:00 1Q: Dripping Springs moves the ball a bit, but the drives stall and they have to punt. Paxton Land takes the Westlake offense down the field for the Chaps’ first drive of the game

12:00 1Q: Westlake wins the coin toss and reverses its pick from the second half. Dripping Springs will get the kickoff

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