‘We pay our employees for vacation’: Employees get 10% hike at this US company on notice period

Even when an employee gives notice, the company increases the salary by 10%.

A marketing firm in the United States said it will pay employees to leave the company and offer a 10% salary increase during the notice period in exchange for leaving the company. At a time when employee moonshine, 18-hour workdays, and Sunday interviews at 11pm made headlines, this seems like a truly unexpected action.

On LinkedIn, John Franco, founder of the marketing firm Gorilla, posted a strategy for a “smooth transition”.

Franco wrote: “From the moment an employee informs us of his decision to leave Gorilla and that he is looking for a new job, any full-time employee who gives us at least six weeks’ notice will receive 10%. A pay raise for the rest of his time in Gorilla. We ask that they leave within three months. And we promise, no hard feelings “.

According to Mr Franco, this action will benefit those employees who feel trapped in the company.

“Encourage our kids to do something different if they feel stuck or in the wrong place. It also gives us time to prepare for how to proceed. It’s better than the typical two-week sprint. “It is,” she said.

Mr. Franco states that although he would not want his employees to leave, “we are foolish to expect that they will all retire with us.”

According to Franco, who draws attention to the reality of current employment patterns, “Our strategy is to make transitions seamless as …

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