Waveroom, the new virtual recording studio over the Internet

During the pandemic, we have seen remote recording tools improve, as well as the introduction of new ones, with the aim of resembling the quality of recordings made in professional recording studios.

We are now on this line wave room as a new web-based service that acts as a “Swiss Army Knife” for long distance communication and high quality recording for interviews, podcasts and meetings.

It is currently in alpha version, but it is free for all users and allows sessions of up to 30 minutes with video recording in 4K resolution, with the participation of up to five people, the host and up to four guests.

As indicated, Waveroom’s capacities will expand over time, so it may be associated with several tariff options.

One of the most surprising aspects of this new platform is that promises to offer the best possible quality even in unstable Internet conditions, thanks to which users will be able to have the audio and video files of the participants in high quality, taking into account that the collection and storage of each participant’s files takes place locally, or on the devices of the users themselves.

There are still a number of features currently under development, including a basic clip editing tool and a feature that allows for noise and silence removal for enhancements.

Its use is As simple as creating a room, creating a user account on this platform, and inviting a few contacts to joinall you need to do is a web browser, either on a desktop computer or on a mobile device.

Waveroom becomes one new virtual recording studio This not only allows for registration and communication with close people, but also with anyone who is available in other parts of the world.

Additional information: wave room

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