Watch this girl fearlessly bathe in a pit of snakes

Petting snakes may be someone’s hobby, but when 10-20 snakes gather around you, there is no doubt that you will panic. Especially if it is a cobra snake, then everyone will surely be scared or frightened. But a video is going viral on social media where a girl is seen fearlessly bathing in a pit of snakes.

The 42-second video was shared on Reddit by Damnthatsinteresting. In this video, a girl is seen first pouring a bucket of water on the black snakes and then bathing the snakes on the water shower from the pipe.

At the end of the video, the girl is also seen shaking her head like a snake head with a snake in her hand. Anyone can stop breathing while watching the scary video.

Thousands of people have watched the video while hundreds of people have liked and given their comments on the video. “I think they are scared and wondering how long it will be before she turns them into hoses too,” wrote one user.

“These are spitting cobras. You can see them still trying to spit poison into her eyes, but no fluid is coming out. She still wears glasses just in case,” another user wrote.

Watch the video here:

It’s bath time for…snakes! by Damnthatsinteresting

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