Was it about violence, death and redemption?

Michael Bay is back again with his new feature film ER, which has fans thinking more about the ending of the film. Bay has dedicated his life to perfecting the Transformers franchise, and now he’s returning to his original crime thriller roots.

The Transformers franchise was one of many big successes. If you remember, he had many successful movies like Bad Boys, The Rock, 1:00 PM: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, etc.

But “Ambulance” is the latest foray into his films. What’s more, it was the ending of ER that sent fans into a loophole of confusion. So, today we’re explaining the ending of ER to give the proper clarification that fans deserve.

What is “Ambulance” for?

“Ambulance” had a small scope as well as a small budget, but the success it had is unattainable. The whole plot can be defined as character driven. It tells the story of the bank robbers and the hostages involved in the mayhem.

“Ambulance” is actually the story of two brothers, Danny, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, and Will, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The brothers planned to rob a bank, and after the robbery, they ended up with no choice but to steal an ambulance. It was the only way they could escape the situation.

The end of the ambulance movie, an explanation
The end of the ambulance movie, an explanation

Things started to get dark after they took control of the ambulance. Since there were already passengers in the ambulance, the brothers had no choice but to consider killing them. Eiza Gonzalez as EMT Cam as well as Jackson White’s character of cop Zach were the occupants. This leads to an endless high-tension car chase.

Fans were excited to know how the drama will unfold in the end. As the car chase was about to end at some point, Michael Bay did not fail to disappoint his fans. The ending was epic and fans are struggling to understand the true meaning of the ending.

Thus, the end of the movie “Ambulance” attracted the attention of the audience. We explain the entire ending in detail for a better idea.

The ending of “Ambulance” is explained

Well, as it turns out, both Danny and Will managed to escape from the police after accepting the help of Papi (A Martinez), who acted as their father’s former partner. He helped them avoid the situation by sending many ambulances in all directions and blocking the roads.

The police finally lose track of the main Ambulance. They eventually took refuge in Pappy’s hideout with the agreement that the brothers would pay the better half of the $16 million.

But the twist was that Papi’s son unfortunately lost his life when he confronted the police. So Papi now wants not only money, but also blood. He stated that the ambulance along with the wounded should be left with him. Danny was all for it, but Will was adamantly against it.

As the end of ER approaches, the brothers will have to either fight against each other or support each other. Danny agrees to support Will and then they go to the ambulance. Unfortunately, Will is shot by Cam, who was the EMT with Chekov’s glock.

When Will is taken to the hospital, he hands over the package with the stolen money and asks Cam to give it to his wife. Danny later realizes that the gun that Will was shot with actually belonged to a cop and threatens to take the cop’s life. Meanwhile, Cam entered the scene and admitted that she was the one who accidentally shot her.

Later, things turned around and Danny took Cam hostage. His original plan was to get help for his brother by putting Cam in the crosshairs. Police snipers surrounded the Ambulance, but eventually Danny was shot in the back. And guess what, Will was the one who shot Danny.

Danny died instantly, but Will was still alive. The cops didn’t pay interest, but Cam convinced the cops that Will was the one who kept her alive. Will was rushed to the emergency room.

After all, Will was under the constant gaze of police guards and very much alive. Cam gave Will’s wife the money he had stolen. Even Officer Zack claims Will was the one who saved him. Obviously Zack lied as Will was the one who shot Zack for saving Danny

When ER ends, the audience sees Cam as “someone who previously saw their profession as just a job without investing emotionally in it” and “she visits a girl she helped save at the beginning of the film and clearly has a new outlook on her own life after this ordeal.”

The plot can be complex. But with ER, Michael Bay once again proved why he’s the master.

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