Wales coach slams six-again effect on RLWC

Wales manager John Kear has again taken on the goal of adopting the sixes by the International Rugby League (IRL) after lopsided scoring dominated the debate at the start of this year’s World Cup.

Kear’s side ended the tournament winless after a 36-0 defeat to Papua New Guinea to complete the group stage.

In the pool section, the average score was 51-8.

The Welsh team is made up almost entirely of part-time players who practice their craft in lower divisions than the English Super League.

Kear, who has coached more than 400 games, said the six once again made it harder for lower tier teams to keep up in fully professional suits.

“Don’t make me start over with six, I’m just not a fan of it,” he said.

“Let’s go back to if a team breaks the rules, penalize them.

“Maybe it doesn’t happen in Australia because it’s such an important sport that they know the rules. But I know people in the south of England who say to me, “I thought your game was a six tackle game.”

“There is confusion for the casual observer and it is generated by the six again.”

The introduction of the six to the NRL in 2020 was hastily copied by the Super League and the IRL, but Kear complained about how he had widened the gap on all fronts.

“There have been outbreaks in the NRL and it’s on the back of the six again,” he said.

“I think there are even more injuries from the six, because the ball is so much in play.

“It’s something that needs to be looked at. It’s something that changed the game, and not for the better.

“There had never been explosive 70-point scores in the NRL, you could have made it low and be a challenge for next year’s grand finale.”

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