Wakanda Forever” Funko Pops Showcase characters ready for battle

Marvel fans are gearing up for the upcoming MCU film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as November approaches. Following the world premiere of the sequel to the 2018 Oscar-nominated superhero epic, Funko has revealed new Pops that hint at the coming war for Wakanda.

Their Wakanda Forever range now includes seven new Pops. The new, enigmatic Black Panther is shown in full regalia for the first time. New clothing has probably never looked better than it does now. The black bodysuit sets off the gold and silver accents beautifully.

Its style is quite similar to Killmonger’s Black Panther armor from the last scene of the first film. Okoye and Aneka in their brand new Midnight Angel armor are the next two Funkos. This team serves as an elite task force and member of the Dora Milaje in the comics.

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These bright blue suits seem to help bring Namor’s fight underwater. The next three Funkos feature Shuri. There’s one of Shuri doing the “Wakanda Forever” pose while wearing a white hood, and another of her wearing a purple suit. The latest design is a unique Diamond Box Lunch edition.

Along with the M’Baku, these two Shuri are also available in keychain versions. There will also be a keychain with Shuri’s purple costume in the diamond version, which is only available in Box Lunch. However, Namor the killer whale steals the show in this scene. The fact that this sequel introduces Namor, one of Marvel’s oldest characters, to the MCU is among its most exciting aspects.

According to the teasers, the Orca appears to be ready for battle, and the verified mutant means business. Wakanda Forever is the first Black Panther story to appear in the MCU since the sad death of actor Chadwick Boseman in 2020, which heightened interest.

Everyone is curious about the identity of the Black Panther and how Wakanda will mourn the loss of its monarch. It will be the story of a neighborhood coming together through its worst moments to find the courage to honor and uphold the legacy of the Black Panther.

With Namor at odds with the surface world, especially Wakanda, it won’t be easy. It will be intriguing to watch how director Ryan Coogler manages to balance all these different, emotionally intense stories as a result.

On November 11, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will finally hit theaters. You can check out the latest additions to Funko’s Black Panther line on their website while we wait. You can see the Wakanda Forever trailer below.

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