Video of boy and cat taking a walk in apple orchard wins internet

The photo shows a little boy walking in an apple orchard with a cat.

Especially videos of children having fun with animals are in abundance on the Internet. Its simplicity and innocence are the embodiment of pure love. These are the perfect videos to watch if you’re having a bad day or just want to cheer yourself up. One such video surfaced on the Internet in which a child is seen walking through an apple orchard with a cat.

This video was shared by an Instagram page called Cats of Instagram. “Apple Picking” reads the caption. According to the message, the cat’s name is Kazuki.

In the video, the boy and Kazuki can be seen walking through the apple orchard and stopping to observe a fallen fruit. Later, the two are seen climbing a ladder that was held in the orchard to collect the fruit. Many fruits can also be seen falling to the ground.

The video has garnered over 31,000 likes and 5.9 million views since it was released on social media. Many people left heartwarming comments in the post’s comment box, enjoying the video and the couple.

Praising their link, one user wrote, “So cool and you can tell they have a great link.”

“Too sweet for words! I have a Bengal that looks like this, “commented another user.

Another user simply wrote “Adorables”.

Recently, a video went viral on the Internet in which a cat dressed as a spooky doll named “Chucky” is seen before Halloween.

This video was shared by a user named Don’t Stop.

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