Very fast, excellent display and speakers

Apple this month unveiled the new iPad Pro with the M2 chip, which offers the ultimate combination of portability, versatility and incredible performance. The new iPad Pro offers a superior Apple Pencil hover experience and super-fast wireless connectivity, along with the world’s most advanced mobile display, professional cameras, Face ID, Thunderbolt and a four-speaker sound system.

Available in space gray and silver finishes, iPad Pro features the world's most advanced mobile display.
Available in space gray and silver finishes, iPad Pro features the world’s most advanced mobile display.

New iPadOS 16 features, including Stage Manager, full external display support, desktop-class apps, and Reference Mode, further enhance professional iPad workflows. Enabled by its advanced hardware and iPadOS 16, iPad Pro has an incredible ecosystem of powerful professional apps unlike any other device of its kind.

Sofia Pitt for CNBC:

I noticed that the screen was brighter on the 12.9-inch Pro than on any iPad I’ve used before. While watching HBO’s “House of the Dragon” on home TV, I often have to walk into a dark room to see everything because the show is shot in dark places and it’s often hard to see if there’s too much light reflecting off the screen. When I saw the show on the new iPad Pro, however, I noticed that it was much easier to see details on the screen, even when I was in a bright room.

The large screen also makes multitasking on the iPad Pro easier. I enjoyed reading the news while keeping YouTube TV open.

The speakers are clear and powerful and better than any other iPad I’ve used.

Choose the iPad Pro 2022 if you want the extra power and a better screen than other iPads. It’s very fast, the screen and speakers are excellent for lounging around and watching movies, and it’s a great tablet for creatives who need more power for video or photo editing.

MacDailyNews takes: Apple’s new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is unparalleled, but we can’t wait for it to get the entry-level iPad’s new horizontal camera and a more liberating and truly “Pro” window operating system (plus the shaky Stage Manager). Then it will be practically perfect.

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