Vehicles collided in Deputy CM Pathak’s convoy in Sitapur: Fleet ambulance collided with police car, 8 injured including 3 policemen

An accident occurred in the convoy of deputy CM Brajesh Pathak in Sitapur. On the way to Lakhimpur here, the ambulance that was part of the convoy rammed the police vehicle into Scott from behind. The police vehicle was severely damaged in this accident.

Eight people in the police vehicle were injured in the accident, including an ambulance. The local deputy admitted all the injured to the district hospital for treatment. where he is being treated. After the incident, the deputy CM left for Lakhimpur with the convoy.

accident while overtaking

The incident originates in the Nankari region, in the Kotwali countryside. Here, MP CM Brajesh Pathak was traveling by road today to attend the election rally in Lakhimpur District Vidhan Sabha Gorge. Meanwhile, Maholi MLA’s Scorpion car was attempting to join the MP CM convoy.

Eight people were injured in the incident, including three police officers.

An overwhelmed police car

Police Scott who ran into Deputy CM’s convoy tried to get past him, so the police vehicle collided with the Scorpion first. Then the ambulance running behind him got out of control and crashed into the police vehicle. Ambulances and police vehicles were severely damaged in this incident.

A police vehicle collided in front of Deputy Scorpio.

8 people injured including 3 police officers

Inspector Pramod Kumar, Officer Rajveer Singh, Officer Indersen Singh, who were involved in this incident, and Dr. Navi, Dr. Arshad Jamal, Dr. PC, Dr. Vinay Singh and Rajiv Kumar of the computer are were injured in the ambulance. After the accident, the police sent the deputy CM with other vehicles from the convoy. After the incident, senior officials, including Maholi Vidhanam Shashank Trivedi, went to the district hospital and treated the injured.

The police vehicle was also severely damaged.

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