Vanessa Hudgens Dating History From Zac Efron To Her Current Boyfriend

Since then, Vanessa Hudgens has dated many famous men in Hollywood and sports her relationship with actor Zac Efron. Learn more about her past relationships here!

Famous singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens, 32, made her acting debut in the teen drama Thirteen in 2003. She didn’t start to become well-known until she made her debut in High School Musical as Gabriela Montez.

Vanessa met her future co-star Zac Efron, 34, while auditioning for the popular Disney musical, and the two quickly began dating. The Knight Before Christmas actress went on to date many actors and athletes after their split in 2010. Learn more about Vanessa’s latest relationships here!

Zac Efron

After starring in Disney’s popular High School Musical, where they first met and started dating, their careers were greatly enhanced. They became one of Disney’s most adored couples. In 2019, Vanessa opened the The Hollywood Reporter Awards Chatter podcast expressing her “gratitude” for the dates Zak at the beginning of his career.

Being in a relationship, in her words, “it kind of kept me anchored and grounded and I had someone to lean on who was also going through this” because it was just a strange foreign thing to go through.

vanessa hudgens boyfriend
Vanessa Hudgens’ boyfriend

The relationship eventually “evolved,” a source told E! Online and the couple parted ways in 2010. HSM fans wished Vanessa would get back together with Zach after she broke up with her next significant other, Austin Butler, in 2019. Their hashtag “Zanessa” even disappeared viral on Twitter.

Even if it would be nostalgic and sweet for them to fall in love again ten years after their breakup, the meeting seems doubtful. When asked if she spoke to Zac often during a 2017 appearance on Access Hollywood Live, Vanessa said, Um, no. I haven’t spoken to him at all anymore.

Josh Hutcherson

After the two starred in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island In early 2011, Vanessa was linked to actor Josh Hutcherson.

Later that year, Josh told Seventeen magazine about his relationship with the Spring Breakers actress: I don’t know if ‘dating’ is the right word. While promoting their film in early 2012, they awkwardly and subtly announced their split on Australia’s TODAY, although their relationship was not officially established.

In the video, Josh added, “We were [going out] at one point but she destroyed my heart – no, just kidding. The Hunger Games actress said that although they were previously romantically involved, they are still just “friends”.

After Zach, Austin Butler was Vanessa’s next committed relationship and the two dated for almost nine years. First linked in September 2011, Vanessa and the Carrie Diaries actor made their public debut in February 2012 at the opening of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. But it wasn’t until 2014 – almost two years later – that Vanessa publicly acknowledged her relationship with her boyfriend, referring to him as “the love of my life.”

After not being able to spend the holidays together in 2018. the couple fueled rumors of a breakup in 2019. They officially ended their relationship a month later. At the time of the split, a source told Us Weekly, “Vanessa and Austin have officially broken up and Vanessa has started telling people close to them about their split.”

Kyle Kuzma

The Princess Switch star and Kyle Kuzma, 28, were spotted out to dinner in Brooklyn in January 2020, just seven days after she had broken up with Austin. Kyle plays basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers, and Vanessa was caught on camera cheering him on from the sidelines during a home game in LA. However, their relationship was merely fleeting and never progressed beyond a one-night stand.

Cole Tucker

Vanessa’s current partner is Cole Tucker, both seem to be enjoying life more than ever. On Valentine’s Day 2021, Vanessa uploaded a photo of the two kissing and captioned, “You Are, I Am, We Are” making their relationship Instagram official. Cole played shortstop and outfield in professional baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

On April 22, the MLB player tweeted a collection of adorable photos with friends, family and Vanessa, demonstrating just how close they’ve become since their first selfie together in November 2020.

Additionally, in April, an insider gave HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE details about Cole and Vanessa. Cole adores Vanessa and treats her like a queen. At first, people were a little suspicious of him. No one expected him to last because he is a professional athlete and only 20 years old, the source told HL.

But he always took her very seriously, which hasn’t changed. It’s good that he adores her and often declares that she is his perfect mate.

The insider continued, “Vanessa has a big crush on him too. She visited him last month while in Florida for spring training. She had fun and all the other husbands and girlfriends were quite accommodating.” they said.

She’s used to men in the business, so this is fresh for her. She appreciates Cole’s uniqueness in this regard. She is about to enter a whole new world. She is undeniably happy and in love.

Final lines

Vanessa Hudgens, 32, got her start in the 2003 teen drama Thirteen. After her debut in High School Musical, she became a household name. Vanessa met Zac Efron, 34, while auditioning for the hit Disney musical. They started dating soon after – the Knight Before Christmas star has been dating other actors and athletes since their split in 2010.

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