Vande Bharat train in Mumbai hits cattle, damaged

Bhubaneswar: A cattle running over incident occurred with a passing Vande Bharat train today near Atul in Mumbai Central district on Saturday.

The cattle hit the train around 9am.

The train was traveling from central Mumbai to Gandhinagar, Indian Railways sources said.

It is worth noting that after the accident, the train was detained for about 15 minutes.

Reports say there was no damage to the train, apart from external damage to the nose cone cover of the front car, which is the driver’s car.

However, it is worth mentioning here that the train is running smoothly now. The Indian Railways also added that the issue of cattle strikes will be addressed at the earliest.

The Indian Railways also informed that during the cattle run over, a bull was run over and died on the spot.

Recently, on 9 October 2022, the Varanasi-bound Vande Bharat Express suffered a “flat tire” and passengers were diverted to Shatabdi.

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