US rapper Takeoff reportedly shot dead in Houston over dice game

According to reports from Houston, Texas, American rapper Takeoff, who was a member of the group Migos, has died in a shooting.

According to local reports, American rapper Takeoff is dead in the city of Houston, Texas, of a gunshot wound. Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, is a member of the rap group Migos, along with his uncle Quavo and his cousin Offset, who is one generation from him.

According to several different sources, the shooting started over a dice game. In the photos that were shared on social media, Takeoff was pictured wearing a white blouse and black jeans.

rapper Takeoff is dead
rapper Takeoff is dead

The aftermath of the event was caught on film and it showed a man matching the rapper’s description lying motionless on the ground.

According to claims circulating on social media, Takeoff, who was one-third of the founding members of the famous rap duo Migos along with Quavo and Offset, was shot and died in Houston during a dice game. Quavo and Offset were the other two original members. He was 28.

A fatal shooting occurred at 1200 Polk Street in downtown Houston, Texas, in the United States, according to the report. The shooting victim died at the scene.

According to a tweet which was tweeted by SayCheese, multiple event promoters in Houston claimed to have witnessed Takeoff being shot and killed while at one of their events.

They continued with the words “RIP Takeoff”. “A reliable source who is connected to us has confirmed to us that this happened during a dice game in Houston.”

Some people questioned the report, to which Say Cheese responded: “Why would we tell you who the witness is?” (Why should we tell you who the witness is?) We do not publish fabricated news. It is scheduled to be published by TMZ tomorrow. “Good night,” said the tweet from Say Cheese here.

Another social media user responded to the article by providing images of text messages containing the entire story.

“So quavo was shooting dice and his pockets got busted bad so the dude had an attitude and tried to get aggressive with the wrong mob connections (no name dropping) and the dude got f*cked then someone they were with , jumped up and then everyone gathered around then shots started ringing but they were coming from someone Migos was with but he was shooting wildly and hit take off on accident and the other **** started shooting back and I think was struck again.”

“Quavo was put on for some minor shit that wasn’t even worth it. The statement said Takeoff was the “coolest, quietest, most ***** person in the room at all times.”

“He did not utter a single word; he was just relaxing in the incision. He didn’t even realize what was going on; he just stood up and was shot out of nowhere. With the mob supposedly guarding these artists, Houston will almost certainly become a no-fly zone.

The person then posted a snapshot of the incident taken “moments earlier.”

Who is Migos Member Takeoff?

Takeoff’s popularity continues to grow, as evidenced by the recent release of a new album featuring Quavo. His work with Migos led to some of his most successful records including ‘Versace’, ‘Bad and Boujee’, ‘MotorSport’, ‘Stir Fry’ and ‘Walk It Talk It’.

Final lines

American rapper Takeoff was shot dead in Houston, Texas. Along with his uncle Quavo and a distant cousin named Offset, Takeoff – real name Kirshnik Khari Ball – formed the hip-hop group Migos as one of its three members.

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