Urfi Javed: The dress of Urfi Javed robbed the eyes of the party, the designer’s eyes were torn in making it

“Some will say … People’s job is to say … Enough of useless things, Raina won’t go there.” Maybe those lines aka Javed hummed often. Because even after dealing with the hatred of millions of people, she is unaffected by their words. The actress remains absorbed in herself. Live Happy dresses made with her creative and innovative ideas are dominating social media. Celebrities like Ranveer Singh and Masaba have also praised her designer gown. She also wore a fabulous dress during the pre-anniversary celebration. But do you know how to do it? We show the video.

Urfi Javed made her own dress using things ranging from necessities to extravagant things. Whether it’s a sack of jute, an electric wire, a blade, a rope, a cotton candy, a sea oyster, a shell. I don’t know what Geeta Jaiswal has been cooking for hours.

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sim card urfi javed

Here’s how Urfi Javed’s pre-birthday dress was made
Many of her videos have gone viral on social media, where she is seen sewing Urfi Javed’s dress. The idea could be from the actress, but it is up to Geeta Jaiswal to bring it to life. After making a dress out of a watch and a SIM card, she also sewed a pre-birthday dress for Urfi Javed. However, her range was poor in doing so.

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It took a lot of work to make Urfi Javed’s dress.
In the video we see that Geeta Jaiswal has a bunch of pearls. Later, she wears it. She ties a thread in her leg and puts beads on it one by one and prepares the dress. Later, when all the girls are ready. Then we see her wearing it on a mannequin.

Urfi Javed Geeta

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Urfi Javed adorned with beads from head to toe
You will be surprised to know that it was this pearl that hung both from Urfi’s shoulders and from his waist at his feet. Imagine how many pearls there would be, which are difficult to count. Well, today, October 15, is his birthday. Also on this occasion he will wear something special.

Urfi Javed Geeta

Uorfi Javed Sim Card Dress: This Urfi Javed dress was ready with 2000 SIM cards, the designer was sweating
Urfi Javed’s birthday dress will be special
A video has certainly arrived, in which she wears a two-piece cotton dress that is white cotton and Geeta puts cotton on it. Well, it will only be clear by the evening what the birthday girl will wear today.

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