until midnight Bouygues Telecom gives you the chance to split your bill

Until tonight the 80 GB package of B & You is less than 13 euros per month. If you’re looking for the rare pearl before the school year starts, it’s now or never.

The beginning of the school year is approaching slowly but surely. To deal with it in the best possible way, Bouygues Telecom invites you to fall in love with an advantageous mobile subscription. Until tonight all the B & You packages are sold out, with a particularly interesting offer on the 80 GB formula for less than 13 euros per month. Fill up on gigs at a very reasonable price: what more could you want?

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For € 13, stock up at B & You

Today Bouygues Telecom unveils one of the best offers of the moment with a gigas / price ratio exceptional for its 80 GB B & You package. Thanks to the latter, you can save enormously on this necessary and important expense.

For € 12.99 per month you get 80 GB of mobile data in France, including 25 GB in Europe and overseas departments, plus unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. With such a generous bag of gigs, everyone should find something for themselves. So you can stroll on social networks, watch your favorite series (by the way, have you seen House of the Dragonthe spin-off of game of Thrones ?) or call your loved ones on video to hear from you without limiting you. With 80GB, you don’t have to worry about running out of it.

Especially since Bouygues Telecom is generous with a large amount of data abroad. If you are going on a late vacation, this is ideal. You can use a translator to make yourself understood, don’t get lost thanks to Google Maps or CityMapper or spam Instagram stories that are more incredible than each other.

The icing on the cake? This 80GB B & You package is: without obligation. So you don’t have to stay with the mobile operator if you are not satisfied and you can leave the ship at any time. However, Bouygues Telecom strives to combine the benefits to keep you staying. Please also note that all B & You packages are non-binding. Freedom, if you care …

All B & You packages at low prices

Not everyone has the same needs, the same budget or even the same priorities, all B & You packages are influenced by the mini prices see you this evening. You still have a few hours to enjoy it, so hurry up before it’s too late.

If you need a larger volume of mobile data, the B & You 120 GB package at 14.99 euros per month is for you. Includes 120 GB of Internet in France, including 25 GB in Europe and overseas departments, with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS at all times. This plan is for a limited number of users, but it’s still a good thing. Especially for this price. People who use tethering a lot or people who regularly upload heavy videos will be satisfied.

For people who don’t need that much mobile data and who see their smartphone as a device with which to call and text easily, the $ 4.99 1GB B & You package should offer a solution. You have access to a minimum of mobile data up to 5 euros per month.

Finally, get speed with the B & You 5G package for 24.99 euros per month. Enjoy 130 GB of mobile data in 5G or 4G in France, of which 20 GB can be used by the EU and overseas departments. Calls, SMS and MMS are always unlimited.

See the B & You packages

Why choose B&U?

With its B & You packages, Bouygues Telecom ensures you benefit from a quality network. This is the advantage of choosing a non-binding subscription. The operator goes to great lengths to keep you by your side and this requires a network that satisfies you. That’s why Bouygues Telecom has for years been in second place in the ranking of the best mobile networks according to ARCEP. This entity takes into account the speed, coverage and quality of the network.

The B & You packages are only available online, that allows you to subscribe to the best mobile offer of the moment in a few clicks and in minutes. You can manage your consumption or change your plan whenever you want, according to your needs, directly from the web customer area or on the dedicated mobile application.

Finally, changing mobile operators does not necessarily mean changing numbers. In fact you can keep it free your phone number by calling 3179 and getting your RIO number. So all you have to do is broadcast it to Bouygues Telecom when you subscribe. The operator will arrange the termination of your old contract for you at no additional cost.

To stock up on gigas at the best price at B & You, it’s even before tonight!

See the B & You packages

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