Unlicensed driver caught twice by police while on drugs

A night of reckless driving cost a Victorian man more than expected after Geelong traffic police caught him driving illegally not once, but twice on the same evening.

Just before 11pm on Friday night, police intercepted a Holden ute loaded with junk along Elizabeth Street in Geelong.

The driver tried to convince the police that he was his older brother, but eventually confessed and admitted driving without a license.

The 48-year-old man from Whittington also returned a positive reading for methamphetamines and was ordered to stop driving.

At around 2:20 am, just over three hours later, police spotted Holden himself heading down Fellmongers Road.

Operation Furlong
Camera iconPolice arrested a drug driver without a license twice in one night. Mike Dugdale Credit: News Corp Australia

They attempted to stop the vehicle but escaped and was not chased for safety reasons.

The agents then went to the home of the man they spoke to earlier, suspecting that he was driving the car again without a license and under the influence of drugs.

While they waited outside the house, the 48-year-old snorted and snorted back to his home, where he admitted he was still in the Holden vehicle.

He told police that he parked the car around the corner and tried to get home before the police arrived.

Operation Furlong
Camera iconThe police will check road users as part of the Furlong operation. Mike Dugdale Credit: News Corp Australia

When the man was re-tested for the drug, he returned another positive reading for methamphetamine, but tested positive for cannabis as well.

The Holden ute was then seized for 28 days, costing the 48-year-old $ 1,225.

He should be charged on citation of driving under the influence of drugs, missing stops on the orders of the police, dangerous driving, speeding, false name and driving without a license.

The car was seized as part of Operation Furlong, which was conducted by police across the state until 11:15 pm on Tuesday.

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