Uncle Dale Mills’ smoking wife does it in a little black tank

OutDaughtered fans love the strong bond that Crystal and Dale Mills share together. They have been together for a few years and even recently shared a fun photo from the past.

These days, fans will have to follow the couple online if they want to see the couple. There were no new ones OutDaughtered episodes for a long time, and no one is exactly sure when the Busbys will decide to film again.

For now, Uncle Dale is happy to show some leg – and Aunt Kiki looks pretty amazing too. Keep reading to see the glowing photo she shared.

Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki love to share their lives and activities with followers

Since there are currently no new episodes of OutDaughtered, viewers are keeping up with the family on social media. They have had a lot of fun at family birthday parties, soccer games, and more. Anyone who follows them online can clearly see that they are huge Texans fans.

Crystal & Dale Mills/Instagram

But between all the activities, Krystal really needs to relax and rest every now and then. Dale Mills has his podcast, but Crystal Mills needs some peace and quiet while she trains. She recently uploaded a picture of herself looking great and enjoying some time outside.

“Get over it,” Aunt Kiki wrote on her Instagram stories. “Power walking while singing loudly through my headphones = crazy woman #mymetime”

Unfortunately, it looks like her walking friend wasn’t able to join her, as indicated by the text at the bottom of the photo.

Crystal Mills, Aunt KiKi of Instagram
Crystal Mills/Instagram

Aunt Kiki and Uncle Dale Mills may not have as many kids as the Busbys, but the mother of two needs some alone time every now and then. Maybe next time Uncle Dale will even join her outside.

What do you think of the photo? Leave all your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments.

Daniel Busby also shows that he has a lot of style

Crystal Mills may look incredible on Instagram, but she’s not the only one in the family. Her sister Danielle also recently showed off an adorable fall look. These women may have their hands full with their lives and families, but they still have time to look incredibly stylish. It probably doesn’t hurt that Daniel owns his own boutique.

TLC has not confirmed that there will be a new season of OutDaughtered yet, but fans are patiently waiting for more information. In fact, Adam Busby recently teased that they might be filming right now. It’s possible that TLC may have an announcement to share with fans before the end of 2022.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest reality TV news. I follow Ace TV Shows online and don’t miss a single update on OutDaughtered crew.

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