Uncertainty over Roos interim coach future

North Melbourne keeper manager Leigh Adams will oversee the autopsy of the season with players earlier in the week, while still unsure of his AFL future.

Adams, who coaches the club’s VFL squad in addition to having another development role, is yet to meet new senior manager Alastair Clarkson.

“We will be leaving our players on Monday and Tuesday this week and then from there it is up to Clarko to decide what he thinks, what he wants to do with his team,” said Adams.

We hope as soon as possible to sit down and have a conversation with him so that our coaches can have clarity on where they are, as it is a very uncertain time for our staff of our football team.

“We would like to get him out of the way as quickly as possible, but we also understand that we need to do what’s best for the players over the next week.

“After that, we will be guided by what Clarko wants to do from there.

“We will have a conversation about what he thinks my role will be in the future.

“I would like to be with the football team. I am happy to share my thoughts for the future with them.

“I’m sure he already has a lot of that, but if it can help shape our roster or how we move forward in any way, I’m happy (to chat).”

Adams had a record of 1-5 wins and losses after replacing David Noble as interim manager and wants to be part of Clarkson’s squad for the AFL 2023 season.

“I loved the opportunity to try and move this football team in the right direction,” he said.

I have such a passion for this football team, I have spent 15 years here and I want us to go back to the final as soon as possible.

Having the opportunity to be a coach for six weeks is a dream come true and I hope I left it in a better place because as coaches that’s what we said we wanted to do. during this six-week period.

“Aside from tonight’s performance (loss to the Gold Coast Suns), I think we were able to create some positivity around the club.

“And clearly, with Clarko coming up now, it should be a really positive low season and summer for us.”

On whether the low-end Kangaroos deserve a priority draft pick, Adams said, “I think what you saw tonight, we’re a long way off in terms of consistency over a season.

“If you put our body of work together, we’re still a long way from where we need to be.”

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