Ukraine family that fled to Saskatoon struggling with cost of living in Canada – Saskatoon |

A couple moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in May, shortly after Russia attacked Ukraine.

The family of six decided for safety that it was time to leave Sambir, Ukraine.

“When we decided to go here, our friend lives here and found us a host family,” says Olexana Troian.

However, it wasn’t easy for them. Vladymyr was a chef in Ukraine and now works in carpentry.

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“In the future, she can go and work in a good restaurant or something better, or open her own business,” says Olexana Troian.

The couple struggles to make money, they have learned that Canada is more expensive than they thought.

“In Ukraine we have less expenses for rent, housing, food, clothes, everything, and maybe that’s why it’s a bit different for us,” says Olexana Troian.

Their goal is to leave the foster family, but with four children, one of them 4 months old, Olexana is still unable to go to work.

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“We love our host family, but we have four children and it’s too loud,” says Olexana Troian.

Despite nearly 5 months having passed, the Trojans are hoping it will get easier.

“We hope that in the future we can feel better here because in this period everything is new to us, new people, new language, so now it’s a bit difficult,” says Olexana Troian.

Despite the struggles, the Trojans love Canada.

However, he misses their home.

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“I smile, happy but inside it’s a bad feeling,” says Vladymyr Troian.

Summer has offered them many activities, but now they are preparing for the Canadian winter.

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