Uber signs historic partnership with Paris taxis

Uber just announced the arrival of 500 taxis in Paris in its application. Historic first for the two former rivals.

Uber has long been the nightmare of “classic” taxis offering competition that is sometimes considered unfair. But many things have changed since his arrival in France in January 2012. A decade later, the VTC application is available in dozens of cities and taxis have had to contend with these new players in the industry.

If there are still tensions between taxi drivers and VTC drivers, Uber has just taken a first step forward. In fact, the application offers a fleet of taxis within the French capital to diversify the offer. In detail, the American company explains that it has partnered with a fleet of 500 independent Parisian taxis.

500 taxis: a symbolic start for Uber

They will then join the 30,000 VTC drivers who now support 5 million people. With this new offer, soberly dubbed “Uber Taxi”, Paris users will therefore have more choice when booking a ride. The classic taxi solution will probably satisfy the most avid users.

They are in fact allowed to use bus lanes, which Uber drivers (normally) don’t do. At the moment it is not known how much the “Uber Taxi” option will be more expensive than the others. The company simply explained that a “price range” would be provided at the start of the tender, as required by law.

At the end of the trip, the driver enters the actual price in the application. The latter may vary depending on the flow of traffic or road works which could lead to deviations from the chosen route. In a press release, the brand explains that this launch “represents an opportunity for all taxi drivers who want to have extra income”.

“Uber Taxis” in Paris, but also in New York

However, the arrival of taxis in Paris is not a world first. The Uber app has signed a similar partnership with New York’s legendary yellow cars. From a broader perspective, the company hopes to sign contracts with fleets around the world by 2025.

The German competitor of Uber Free Now already offers a similar solution. In France, more than 1,000 taxis have joined the German application and offer rides alongside less traditional drivers. At the moment, Uber Taxi is only available in Paris, but the service is expected to reach other major cities in the area soon.

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