Tyler Stevens to lead Concord’s technology department | News

ELKHART – A tech-savvy classroom teacher who has spent the past four years as a digital learning specialist has been selected to oversee the Concord Community Schools technology department.

Tyler Stevens, a native of Elkhart and a graduate of Concord High School, was chosen for this new role based on his knowledge of educational technology and his commitment to collaborating and supporting student learning.

Stevens began his career with Concord Community Schools in 2014 as a third grade teacher at Concord East Side Elementary. In 2018 he was named one of the first Digital Learning Specialists in the district. Stevens holds a BA in Elementary Education from IPFW.

In her role as a digital learning specialist, Stevens is responsible for assisting teaching staff in implementing robust digital learning strategies, while maintaining an emphasis on supporting student learning. Throughout his time in this role, Stevens played a pivotal role in the implementation of 1: 1 learning, PowerSchool Student Information System and, together with co-specialist Kelly Weldy, developed the LEARN Conference, a development experience professional for Concord staff led by Concord staff.

“Mr. Stevens wants to support teachers and students through a strong digital learning environment that is extremely exciting for us as a district,” said Kent Myers, assistant superintendent for curriculum and education. “She is collaborative and professional in her approach to her and has a passion for connecting with students and making their digital experience a positive one.”

Stevens began his new role on Tuesday, just in time for the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

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