Twitter is trying to integrate audio rooms into communities

Twitter therefore wants to bring Audiorooms to other areas of its platform Starting today, a test will begin where some community administrators and moderators will be able to host the audio rooms they create in their communities..

To do this, when they press the floating (+) button, they have a new option that takes them to a simple form where they have to write the topic to be discussed, link the audio session to a series of topics and choose whether they want to record everything, which is commented in the audio room.

For more specific audio conversations in affinity communities

The final step is to optionally select from among the community members who wish to join the audio conversation as guests.

In this regard, Twitter points out that any user can see and enter an audio room that is already available, but only members of the community in which it was generated can respond to it.

Therefore, Twitter is looking to increase interactions within communities and learn how to use audio spaces within communities from the beginning before expanding its availability to all administrators and moderators of the communities created so far.

It is possible that if they see use, they will introduce improvements along the way before they reach general coverage in all communities.

In this way, in the future, Twitter communities will be able to have their equivalent of Clubhouse rooms, even if the truth is that after the boom at the beginning of the pandemic, this platform is no longer talked about, despite being Twitter See the rooms audio as a supplement to text conversations.

When the time comes we will be able to know the level of acceptance that the landing of this feature has had in the communities, even if some users are already enthusiastic about the step they have just taken, it might make more sense to be able to talk about more specific topics within the community. who are already talking about the same topics, rather than using general audio spaces.

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